chapter 1

When the world becomes more and more stupid someone has to turn the tide. Three scientists create a smart-shot, kidnapp a few kids and give them the shot as a test. The shots defective and the kids develop powers. Can they beat the enemy that they made when they put the lead scientist in a coma? Or will they fail?


Chapter 1


Johns POV





            “I'm going for a walk, Mom.” I say. 


“OK, John.” my mom says.I hope Mom has those cookies done.



            I start to walk down the street, away from my two-story blue and white house, in my white sleeveless shirt and khaki shorts hanging on my olive toned, muscular body. My brown, wavy hair tossing in the wind I begin to think about football practice today. Blue eyes sparkling I see my friends and wave at them.


I hear the sound of a car screeching around a corner and careening towards me. It barely stops in front of me and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.



            ”Hey, Son would you like to be the first to try the smart shot?” a guy in a black trench coat says from the window of his huge SUV.




            ”What the heck is a smart shot? No!”  I say totally confused. Two people get out of the back. The guy who talked to me started to run at me... everything seemed to be going in slow motion. “Hey!! What are you doing?” As a junior running back, I can run, but I couldn’t outrun Mr. Black Trench Coat. “Ouch!” I try to stop the guy from putting a bag over my head but am unsuccessful. I start hyper ventilating when it is shoved over my head and a scratchy-dry-gag is placed in my mouth muffling my screams. 


Bing bong. The door is opens.



            “Get up you piece of trash, “says Mr. Black trench coat. “You’re here to test the shot gomers made.” with that sentiment I pass out with my mind reeling trying to find a way out of this situation.



            I woke up groggy to the sound of a shot having its air bubbles out with a flick of a deadly finger. Tink! Tink! A guy in a white science coat, had a name tag, it said “Dr. Gomer”.


            “This won't hurt too much.”  My eyes close again because Gomer gives me a shot.Where am I? Oh, yeah I'm testing a new shot.I think as I wake up again.


           There’s a mirror in the room and I look to see how I look. My skin was turned a light camouflage and my lips were cracked from the gag.


           “Ahhh! What the heck happened to my skin?!”This mirror must be broken. CRASH!!!  I see the glass of the mirror fall down and I look at my bloody hand that is still throbbing.Did I punch the mirror?


            “What happened?”A scientist asks


            ” What did you do to me?!!?”I scream ticked.


            “The test went wrong. We tried to fix it but couldn't.” he answers.


            “How could he get the test wrong? This is his shot right?” I ask in an incredulous voice.  I feel a sudden  rush of anger, then Gomer is lying on the ground ...... dropped like a bag of sand. Oh no..... I'm a freak. I try to get out and meet a girl in a room adjacent to mine. “Who are you? Are you a scientist? “I ask. She looks scared because she sees I am an athlete and says:


            “I'm here for the shot too. I'm Jessica by the way. Can you help me get out of here?” she said the last part with a sound of irritation and probably because she never needed to ask help before from anyone much less a guy.


*  *  *

            Jess' POV



            Knock! Knock! The door opens “hey, you can’t just barge in here.” my parents say” what are you doing? Stop.” the sound of fighting comes from the living room.


” no don! What did you do to him?” my mom says in a voice choked with the burden of sorrow


            “What’s happening?” I mutter as I get up to see what all the noise is about. Stretching my 5, 11 frame of honey colored skin that glows in the moonlight and my chestnut brown hair messed up from sleeping, and bright green eyes. I groggily stumble out of my room and walk slowly to the living room and see my dad unconscious and mom sitting next to him crying. “Whoa!” I say as I see two guys in my house just above my dad.




            “Come here you.” says a goon.


            “Jess, what's happening?”Says Jenifer.


“Get out of here, Jen run!” I reply panicky steel in my voice as I try desperately to remove my sister from whatever this is about.


            ”OK.”Jen says. She runs off, her blonde hair bouncing as she runs and hides.  They tackle me.

            ”let me go!”I say as I start to hyperventilate. Whack!



             I wake up to see a mirror. I look and see I have a knot on my head and blood dried and crusted on my head and down my back. I also see I have faint camouflage skin blocking the normal beauty and flawlessness of my white alabaster skin. “Whoa! What happened to my skin? ”I asked no-one in particular.



            “We tested a shot on you to make you smarter, but it didn't work and the side-effect is camouflage skin.” said the goon from last night who crashed my French home .CRASH! I hear a crash coming from the room next to me.  My eyes and the goon’s connect just before we run to see what happened. I see a bunch of shattered glass and the head mad scientist … Gomer I think next to it. What I see is astounding. Dr. Gomer, on the floor, blood coming from his mouth.


            Some kid that has olive skin, brown hair, and blue eyes walks towards me rage flickering in his eyes.He's pretty cuteI think “what happened? Who are you? “I say. The guy looks scared and ticked.


            “Who are you? Are you a scientist? “I feel a surprised expression come to my face. He's obviously an athlete, and totally ticked, I think


            “No. Of course not I'm here for a shot too. I'm Jessica by the way. Can you help me get out of here?” I say asking at the end irritated not wanting to admit I need help.



*  *  *

                                                Danny's POV



            “What good will come from me doing your homework?” I ask. It seems we have this talk every day. This bully, Lucian, always does this and the black haired pale guy with blue eyes and green specks, me, always lets him down. Thisguy never learns that he won’t be helped if I keep doing it for himI thought.


            “I’ll get an “a”. “Said the bully, Lucian,


“Yes but you won't learn anything.”I tell him imploring him to listen. He draws his huge fist back and hits me. Thisis the normal life of a geek like me.”Uff!” the bell rings and I get my things and leave school walking back to my house.Thank goodness, I couldn't take much more of that. Iwalked in and find my mom in the kitchen. I have her black hair, but hers is longer and she has green eyes. “Hey, mom.” I said


            “Hi, sweetie.” my mom said smiling at me, lighting up her hole face. 

            “Hey, son” I here Dave say. ”come here a second, please.” says Dave from the other room.


            “Yeah?”I ask. Whatdoes he want now? He always hassles me about having a good attitude about stuff.He’s got fire-red hair and gray eyes. He puts his foot out tripping me and then proceeding to put me in a headlock.


            “GOTCHA!” he shouts as he slams a bag over my head and I start to panic.



            “LET ME OUT!”I scream. “What’s happening?”I ask


            “You're going to test a smart shot for Dr. Gomer.”Dave explains. You hear your mom screaming and struggling against Dave. She can't win.


            “No, mom I'm okay just don't fight with Dave.” I tell her and hear her stop and collapse on the ground sobbing.




            I am in a clearing in the woods. Every one's after me. Threatening me. Then Dr. Gomer lunges at me with a syringe. “Ahhhhh.” I scream. I realize that I was just having a nightmare.Ow, my eyes. What was that????I think. Dr. Gomers down someone’s got to help him. Youhere in your head as their thoughts intrude.  “Call 911! Get them here as fast as possible. “Says Dave. In the darkness you see two people. one a very pretty French girl with skin that glows in the moon and chestnut brown hair and another one with olive toned skin and muscles and brown hair.


            ”come on, we have to get out of here.” the girl said


            “Who are you?”I ask edging away from her.


            “I am Jessica, and he is john. Now hurry.” jess said.


            ”were we going?”I ask.


            “Out into the forest near Gilon Park. We’ll run from there till we get about half-way in.” said john.


            We run out of the lab. It is pitch black so we run for two hours and stop for the night.


            ” Jessica can you get us some firewood and some logs please?”Says john.


            “yeah.” she says. I wait with john till she comes back and we get the fire started.


            “OK, now that we have a fire we should be able to keep the wild animals away,” says john.”Jessica you look very pretty.” he says staring at her meaningfully. She looks like she feels awkward at his statement but returns the meaningful gaze.


            ”thanks.” said Jessica.


            “Awkward. “I laugh and ask “john do you think you can check my eyes out? When I woke up they hurt so badly,” I said...


            “No wonder, you have laser eyes,” laughed john.


            ”that shot must have had something bad in it.” I say not able to understand.


            “yeah.” agreed Jessica


            “let's hit go to sleep guys.” said john.” OK” I say. “But first I need to tell you guys something that's kind of weird.”I say.


Both Jessica and john said”yes?”  


            “Well, before you guys came, I could hear the peoples thoughts, I guess, when they first found Gomer on the ground, or that’s my theory of what happened. So, not only do I have laser eyes but also mind reading.”I say shyly.


            “Oh, it's going to be alright, man we're going to figure out how to help u control It.” says john. They set their dull brown colored tents up and went to sleep.


            Johns POV


            I wake up to find that Jessica is gone! Her tent was empty, however a majestic lioness was where we keep watch looks like her fur is the same color of Jessica hair.


            ‘Is that you Jessica?'I think not expecting an answer.


            'Yes it's me john.' Jessica thought to me.


            'Can we hear each other’s thoughts? 'I wonder, shocked.


            'Yes, and Danny is having nightmares.' thought Jessica.


            'What happened that made you a lioness?'I thought, confused.

‘Well, I was having a nightmare and I woke screaming 'no' but my voice came out as a growl. So I decided to take a watch.’ said jess in her thoughts.


            'Do you know how to control it?' asked john.


            'no, but I will try and tell you mentally when it happens so that you have a warning.’ said Jessica.


                                                                        *         *        *


            Danny's POV


            I feel myself turning but can't wake up.


            ”DANNY!” I hear john yell. I sat strait up and said,



            “Huh?”Lasers coming from my eyes again. “Whoa!”I say.


            “Dude, you have to be careful.” said jess


            ”sorry.” I said


            “Jessica, Danny, I sense someone coming.” says john. “This is weird, I sense a friend coming but I don't think I've met him before.” john said


            “What’s he talking about?”Says Danny.


            ”john can sense people and the danger level.” says Jessica.


            “Yes and this guy has no danger level.” john replies.


            ” hello, John, Jessica, Danny,” said a voice from behind John. A guy comes from the forest to our right and has salt-and-pepper hair and striking blue gray eyes. His face shows stress yet laughter as well.


I don't like this, how does this guy know our names? Maybe this is the guy that knocked me down.



           ”how do you know our names? Were you the person who made us take the shot?”I ask.This guy seems surprised by that, I wonder why.


           ”no, I'm not the person who made you come to that lab. I'm the person who was helping Gomer with the shot; however a problem with it occurred. I should have known Gomer wouldn't take it seriously.” he said. Oh, so he's the guy that helped put me this way. Suddenly I feel Jess and Dan trying to hold me back I glance at them and then back.


           ”why are you here now? Why do you want to torture us more? Haven’t we suffered enough?” I yell.The guy seemed really surprised by this.


           ”no, I wanted to ask if you would like to train your powers? I have everything needed at the school.”Wow, this guy really wants to help us.


            “What do you think Jessica? John? Should we do it?” they both said yes.


            ” john this is exactly what we talked about earlier. Me trying to control my powers,” said Jessica.So we went with him to the school and I was surprised that the school was actually hidden in the face of a cliff in Minnesota.


            Johns POV


            The car stopped and when we got out we saw a huge amount of levels and classroom Joe took us around the facility, it took a few hours, but I still don't know about this guy I mean what are the chances of a guy from the lab who knows all our powers and wants to help us? I don't know, maybe he's working for both sides. Training us for the sole purpose of making us an army. I was sitting in my quarters and the room itself was nice enough, but what I was trying to think about were my lessons with Joe. It's the strangest thing though when we first met a couple weeks ago, I didn't feel the slightest danger from him. Although he must have an ulterior motive I mean how can he not.”John.” I hear jess calling.


            “John, you here bud?”That’s Danny. What's he doing here?



            “There you are we've been looking for you. You've seemed a little angry lately. What's up?”Said Jessica.


            “yeah,so.” I say. You see Jessica coming over to you.


            ”so we want to know if we can help you feel better.”she said sympathetically. so that is why they are here.


            “guys I've only been thinking about some things. Like....don't  you think it is weird that some guy comes out of the blue and says he's from the lab but doesn't want to hurt us?”i said. I saw the irritation in jess's eyes.


            ”yes, it is a little however, john look at how much we have improved. When Joe took us in from the jungle we were using our powers sporadically,but now I can say that I'm going to change into a lioness, and actually do it,”said jess, “ and Danny can control his laser eyes with a thought. And you can control your anger better. Face it john we are making improvements.”she said in a soothing voice.




            “ I just don't understand how he could want to help us. I can't imagine that he genuine wants to help us.” I said.


             “ HOW? How can you be so blind as to say we aren't improving? Fine, when you come to your senses come find me, but until that happens stay away.” said Jessica.  Jessica stormed out of my room. I really did it this time haven't I?


             “Danny, come with me so we can find her. I didn't know she felt like that and I want to reassure her.”i said.


            ”okay. It'll take a while but we will find her.”said Danny.


            “Danny! Did you feel that?”i asked.


             “yeah, it's like I've had my power drained a little bit.” said Danny.


            “exactly. Which means we have to find jess and quick. Can you feel her mind?” said john. “ No. that might be a problem.”i said we rushed through the school and searched all over and when we at last thought she had left the school we finally found her. Relief and remorse spread through me at once. Because I was so insensitive to their progress and because we found her. since we found her we could hear her thoughts again. I promise myself I wont do that again.






            Jessica had a force field around her jogging figure on the treadmill in the training area. what a beautiful person she is . I could just kiss her and see us together for time to come . no stop it john. I looked over at Danny and he was smirking.”Jessica, please put the force field down. We need to talk to you. I'm sorry for not acknowledging that we're making progress it's just I'm trying to think of whats best for my friends'.” I said. She heard my voice and immediately a bolt of energy jolted through the room and blew a punching bag up.Listen, I'm truly sorry. Now, please lower you're force field so we can talk. I feel really bad for ignoring the obvious.I thought to her. She finally lowered her field and said


            “i was working hard to get control and you just blow it off like it's no big deal. That really hurt my feelings.” said jess.


            “ I know and I apologize. it is just that I'm trying to look out for all of us.” said john. She thought about that for a second and said  “ you don't have to do it alone you know.”jess said softly. 


            “ so, since we're here let us train so we can bury this behind us.”said john.




            “John, come to my office I need to talk to you about something and it is only for your ears.” the professors voice came over the intercom.


            “Sorry guys I've got to go.” said john.


            “ go ahead and we will be waiting here ready to spar when you get back.” said both jess and Danny. they both instantly burst out into laughter.



I walk to professor Joe's office and come in knocking quickly on the door. “ come in please and sit john.” he says and lets me sit in a chair, then continues.“John, I know you don't understand how I cant have an alternative motive. However, I love you guys like my own kids.  So since I've said that I want u to know something and tell your friends about. There is an army coming,an army of people like you. Now the reason I'm telling you is that I know that you and your friends can take care of this and you will need to train first though.” he says in a rush.




            “ prof its not that easy to tell ma friends, OK? I can try but I don't know how they will react” I say. I don't think jess will be happy about it. Dan will like it but I don't .”OK, I'll tell them and I'll see what they say alright?”i say.


I walk towards the training room and on the way my faces lines deepen because of unease.


            I walk into the training room to see that jess and Danny have started to spar with each other. The first thing I notice is how happy they are. And I'm about to ruin that with the news I have to tell them. The grace and poise of the spar though is astounding. My face is getting screwed up by the anxiety that she will get hurt and that I will hurt her by the army news. The lines of my face are deepest with mistrust for prof, and my muscular build is tense hoping that they will react OK.




            “hey, can I cut in guys I need to tell you guys something,” I say .


 “ ah. So the hot-shot returns from his meeting,” says Danny with a grin. 



 “we were having fun man. Since, you had to go to the professor I was wondering if you would come back at all,” says jess sarcastically



 “ guys, he told me something he wanted me to pass on to you,” I say and now their faces look stressed and they ask me “what is it thats bothering me.” because they can feel the tension rolling off of me. “ its not whats wrong" I'm just not sure how you will take it. There is an army coming for us. An army of people with ….. gifts like us in a way,” I step back hesitantly as I say this because as soon as Jessica heres the word 'army' her hair starts to rise.


“all right, this will be fun man.” says Danny with enthusiasm.


            All of a sudden I'm flying up and then down with the force of a lion crashing onto me. jess is the first one at my side instantly apologizing. “i don't know why I did that. I was just mad that this is happening now and that our powers are still raw.” my head tilts back and everything goes black.


________________________________ three days later _______________________________



            I wake up in the hospital wing of the school and I can feel the emotions of almost everyone in the room . I can sense that jess is here and that she is remorseful but I look over and shes asleep, why did she react that way? I understand frustration sure, but a reaction that strong must have an underlying problem underneath.



            “ hey, so he's finally awake huh? Awesome are you okay, man?” I see Danny coming back from the cafeteria sipping on a huge fountain drink.


            “yeah I'm good ,man. I just wish she didn't feel so bad about jolting me.  I mean she was surprised about the news she shouldn't feel bad about an accident.”



            “how do you know she feels bad? And by the way she feels worse than you think,”says Danny



I lean my head back against the pillow . “Danny could you wake her up I need to talk to her?”


she shouldn't feel bad. It was my fault for telling them anyway . I should have known she would take it like this . So why did I? Maybe, because I need to get out of this place. Maybe, I just need to challenge myself. I don't know but she shouldn't feel guilt for what I did and an accident on her part.



            “so , you're up. Listen I'm so so ----” she didn't finish because I put a taped up hand over her mouth slightly. It stayed there for a moment as we looked into each others eyes and I leaned forward to lightly kiss her on her nose.


            “you don't need to apologize jess. I'm OK , I didn't die” I say taking my hand off of her mouth slowly putting it on my bed again.


            “still john, I feel its my fault you are in here. Do you know where I came from? Or how much I've been through in the last couple of months?”Jessica says.


            “no, I don't. if it isn't to painful could you tell me so I could understand?”i say softly hoping she doesn't get upset. She nods and starts to tell me about how she was taken in the middle of the night, and driven from France to Connecticut. She also had to tell her sister to stay behind and her parents tried to stop them from taking her but couldn't.


            “so, after all that I see you and Danny and I hope that my luck was finally turning up. I was already feeling like an outsider no matter were in civilization I was put. Now , I'm told that we need to fight an army and that just makes me more anxious and more like an outsider,”says jess almost in tears.



            “i will always be here. if you want help all you need to do is call me, OK? Not just me either Danny and the prof will be here too I'm sure of it.” I lay my hand on hers for a second and squeeze to give her confidence in what I just said is true.



            “you don't know how good that makes me feel, john. Just to know I have friends who would help me with what I need help with .” she says and squeezes my hand back. I feel a wave of more than just confidence more like joy that I was comforting and touching her hand. Then that joy changed to love as she withdrew her hand.



The End

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