The Perpetual Gray

                    The street erupted in chaos, people rushing to the aid of the lone boy that was struck by the car. His body flung across the street, while the screech of tires were heard as the drunk raced off in his sports car. He wasn't dead, but his life began to fade. He felt himself lift off of the ground, and go into the sky.

                    Jacob Remy was a young man of normal physique, his stature told otherwise however as people often told him to straighten his shoulders. He was also known for his beautiful, bright, blue eyes, although those who did not know him would have never been able to tell because of his hair that hung down into his face. This was just a phase, his hair painted a bright shade of green as his final act of rebellion to his culturally acceptable parents. He didn't know better, for he felt alone in his thoughts, only just beginning to feel accepted into the world before the accident. The day begun just as any would, he gathered his backpack and mp3 player, left the house an hour and a half early so he could go to his favorite spot on the mountain overlooking his house to watch the sun rise. This had become habit after long periods of not talking to his parents. They didn't understand him, they felt like he was just worthless in a world that glamorized doctors and lawyers for the money they brought in. Jacob wasn't like that, he was an artist. He prided himself for the works that he could produce, with ease he would stroke the canvas with his brush, on many occasion striking brilliance in the minds of those that he would show. All to eager to show his parents at first, but the pessimistic and neglectful duo did not set his sentimental heart at ease, the contrary in fact. The boy became more isolated at home, began to ditch school, felt trapped in his own mind.

Jacob's head hurt more than he could describe with words, Pain erupted out of his brain, shockwaves sending impulses pulsating out of every crevice in his body. He literally did not know what hit him, as he lay in the street, glancing up at the vermillion sky. Then like thunder clapping was heard, bright lights, then nothing. Jacob Remy was lost.

"Wake up boy, we haven't got all day", a voice boomed overhead the body of Jacob. His eyes were laboring to stay open, he used every ounce of his willpower to keep them that way. Gathering his reserve strength, he stood, if not to stumble for a moment. He was alive, and that was all that Jacob cared about at this moment.
"Where am I", Jacob asked the voice that told him to awake.
"You are where you always were, although now, you are fully awake, fully aware of your surroundings, fully functioning, if you will", the voice clamored on about things that meant nothing to Jacob. At the moment, all Jacob cared about was getting to school. Judging by the sun, it was close to noon.
"Am I close to Parkview High", Jacob asked.
" Am I close to Parkview high?", the voice repeated the question indignantly." You are here, the place where souls are created", the voice scoffed as he added that last part.
"So I am in heaven?", Jacob asked.
"Heaven? What is heaven", the voice said no longer in a sarcastic tone. The seriousness of the voice made Jacob feel very uncomfortable. If he wasn't in Heaven, then was he dead? What was going on? He remembered being hit by that car, but aside from that he couldn't remember whether or not he ever made it to the hospital. All he knew was the sky around him was a perpetual gray color, which was very off putting, not to mention this voice he was talking to. It seemed to echo all around where Jacob sat. He could not triangulate the location of this voice.
"So where am I?", Jacob again asked.
"I cannot fully answer that question. You see, I do not know where you are, nor where I am", the voice said, while slowly fading out. "Some things are best to be figured out by themselves", the voice said before completely disappearing. Jacob Remy was alone with his thoughts.

The End

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