Mazany: MaybeMature

"What happens now?" I said once Zuri and Al'Tijd had finished. Al'Tijd glanced at me before saying,

"Ask Zuri... Correct?" I looked at him surprised and then at Zuri, I was still hesitant about trusting her. I knew she hadn't left me on purpose, that it had been Shadow and Ice who drilled that into my brain but that scar ran deep. I knew that the manipulation would effect me for the rest of my life, I could already feel myself become a shell of my former self, I don't think I'll ever be able to trust anyone again.

"Me? What do you...?" She stopped as realization dawned on her face, she shook her head and said,

"Each Phoenix... gives me -us- something then we have to use it in some master puzzle of life," She snorted and then looked at me, her eyes were filled with sadness and I could feel my heart become heavy as dread filled it, I knew what she was going to say but I couldn't even think about it.

"We have to go back and use the... Knowledge we've been given." I barely heard the last part as my eyes widened. How could they expect me to go back?! I- I couldn't... I wouldn't!

"No!" I yelled, "I don't want to go back where... where..." I couldn't even say his name, "Where He is. I don't want to go back to blood and death and pain and emptiness. Please!" I could feel my voice tear, they couldn't make me go back. Not back to all that blood, all that pain! Zuri walked over to me and put a hand on my cheek, I had to stop myself from flinching, Ice was the last person to touch me like that. She moved her hand away.

"I know, I know it's hard but you know the truth now. You need to hold onto some hope. Plus these phoenixes just have to get their way. As soon as I can I will come and find you." I felt my throat clench up, she was asking the impossible but I knew she was right, "I will free you from Ice, I promise. I need to learn everything I possibly can first and... tie up loose ends," She looked into my eyes, holding them for a few seconds longer before turning to Al'Tijd and saying, "Send me back,"

She turned back to me and kissed my cheek gently, saying, "Give my regards to Ice." Then she was gone, I watched where she had been. She had to save me... she promised,

"You promised," I said quietly to myself. I felt Al'Tijd stand next to me and I looked up at him,

"I don't want to go back. It's so dark." Al'Tijd shook his head sadly and I felt a sudden dizzy spell, the room seemed to rock slightly. I shook my head and reached a hand out for Al'Tijd,

"No... I don't want to go back." He shook his head again and said,

"This is the most I can do for you, the time of darkness will come to an end, correct?" And then I felt myself fall, soon I felt the earthy ground beneath me.

I felt tears fall down my cheek as the presence of Shadow sunk into me, covering me with his essence, like a bird covered in tar. Then I felt my self slip into darkness and realized that Al'Tijd had prolonged my return with Shadow.

There were no dreams. Nothing that gave me any clue to how long I had been out for but when I opened my eyes the sun was already setting. I felt a chill down my neck and my whole body went stiff as I felt a cold hand stroke my cheek.

"Now my little fire fox, we cannot have you sleeping where my troublesome sister can find you," I choked as I felt Ice breath against my cheek, I looked from the corner of my eye at Ice as she pressed my head down on the earthy ground, making sure I couldn't move.

"I know she's coming to get you Mazany but she can't have you, we are going somewhere even she wont be able to find." I tried to move but Ice just pushed my face down harder, I closed my eyes as mud rubbed against them.

"L-Let me go!" I gasped, she grabbed one of my arms and twisted it behind my back. I yelped in pain, I felt Shadow's presence slip in,

"Be careful!" He growled, "Do not harm this shell," I choked mentally as he said shell, he just laughed at me, "You don't think this shell has any free will." Ice purred in agreement and I felt her tug me off the ground, she turned me round. Shadow took control of my limbs and made it so I couldn't move.

Ice leaned in close to my face and stroked my cheek, I had to stop myself from crying out in fear,

"I know you talked to her, Zuri! I know you did, don't deny it! What did she tell you?! What did she tell you!!" Her voice rose into a shriek towards the end. I bit my tongue filling my mind with other things to stop Shadow seeing what Zuri had told me,

"She's going to stop you!" I choked out, Ice withdrew sharply. Her nails scratched across my face and I cried out in pain as she drew blood. Shadow moved away from the pain and I felt myself gain control, I fell down my whole body numb. I drifted further into myself and Ice started screaming at me, demanding me to tell her. I just sat there numbly, I withdrew further feeling myself become hollow. I felt Ice slap me but I didn't react, I was too far within myself.

Zuri... save me... you promised you'd save me. Please save me. I thought to myself, I felt nature respond to my thoughts. Maybe it would tell Zuri what Ice was planning, maybe Zuri would still be able to find us. Maybe it wouldn't matter where Ice hid me.


(Sorry it's not very good, had a headache, I may change some parts 2morrow morning, but since people were bugging me to post here it is xD)

The End

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