Relieve The NightmareMature


I looked at the photo frame that had stopped in front of us and my gaze locked onto the figure of Ice, I shivered self consciously.

"You know Ice?" I murmured quietly not looking at Zuri,

"She... She's my... Older half... Older half-sister" She stuttered, Half sister? Could that mean that they're both in on it? I shook my head numbly. No... Zuri is as scared of her as I am... but then why did she let Ice get to me... Why did Zuri leave me? I felt the same question that I asked myself everyday, Why had my only friend left me?

"Remember, as a Pixie, you are bound. You have no choice but to do as I tell you," I felt Ice's words echoed around us. I looked at the scene shocked,

"I know," I heard Zuri respond,

"No! No more!" I glanced at Zuri and frowned, was I right about her and Ice working together? The next line caused me to turn back,

" You must completely severe your connection with the Fire Fox Demon known as Mazany."  Was this the reason she had to leave me? I watched in fascination, waiting anxiously to see what Zuri would reply...

"NO!" Something inside me finally fell into place, Zuri hadn't left me willingly... She had been forced. I shot a glance at Zuri but she was watching the scene, I saw tears slowly gathering at the corners of her eyes. I wanted to ask her if this is true, did she really attack Ice just to be able to see me?

"Zuri?" I whispered quietly, she didn't say anything in stead I watched as Ice spoke again.

"Yes, you, Pixie Zuri, owe me a payment and out race a punishment so you must break your friendship with Mazany completely. Again, the same conditions apply," I flinched as both the past and present Zuri said the same thing.

"No, no, no,"

I looked at Zuri, her eyes flickered towards me and then down at the floor,

"I'm afraid it is now your turn Fire Fox... Correct?" I didn't sat anything as another frame came to replace Zuri's, however unlike Zuri's -which was a gently gold- the frame that had my name written on it was black. I looked away from it, of course it would be black... Zuri came a stood behind me,

I looked up and saw the scene within the frame have snow swirling down slowly, I felt my whole body go numb.

"Not this one... Anything else except this one!" I said falling down, Zuri came up to me and wrapped her arms around me, I didn't struggle. I felt my body begin to shiver and Zuri gave me a curious look. I still had nightmares about this night, I could still feel what she had done to me.

The frame moved to a picture of me looking around slowly, snow continued to fall down slowly around the dream me. I felt myself go cold as I watched the ice climb up my body, I wrapped my arms around me and shut my eyes but I could still see the scene play out in front of me.

Snow swirled up slowly and a girl stepped forward, she was older then me with light blue hair and was wearing a deep red silk dress. She stepped towards me and gently stroked my cheek, she gently pushed my head round so that I had to look out of the corner of my eye to see her, I felt myself shiver but not being able to move away from her touch.

"Ice? When... When did this happen?" Zuri asked me puzzled, I didn't say anything. The scene was still playing beneath my eyes.

She walked round me to my tail and gently stroked one, I flinched away and sharply moved my tail away, she then grabbed my tail hard, I remember yelping in pain,

"Oh no, no, no, I can't let you do that. You mustn't try to resist, soon you'll be mine anyway." I remember being paralyzed with fear, I let her stroke my tails.

I was breathing heavily, I could feel my heart begin to speed up,

"Mazany! Open your eyes!!" I couldn't, I didn't want to watch it. Al'Tijd moved next to us and said,

"When you close your eyes... It becomes more frightening."

The End

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