Mazany: ForgottenMature

Again, it had happened again... why? Why would this nightmare never end?

Why does she keep getting in our way!? Shadow snarled in my mind, "NO! I'm not like you! I'm me and you're you! There is no we!" Shadow just laughed and said,

We are we. We share a body, we share a mind... we share the deaths.

I fell on my knees and felt tears stream down my blood cloaked face, I could still taste the blood in my mouth, I could still taste all that had happened. My stomach heaved and I leaned over gasping, I gagged from the bloody picture of her body in my mind. A few moments later I sat up wiping the bile from my mouth, shivers ran through my body,

"I want to forget, I don't want to remember." I sobbed to myself, for a while the world had seemed bright... I had hope.

I felt the tears build up further and I broke down, I couldn't stop the streams of tears running down my cheeks. I didn't want to kill, I didn't want to hurt others, I didn't want to live.

Something changed in the air around me, I lost the sense of the disgustingly joyful Shadow. I glanced up and watched as a leaf stopped in mid fall, it hung there in suspended animation. I reached out a hand to touch it,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. The slightest change could have grave effects" A voice whispered softly, I glanced around. I felt vulnerable, I couldn't think straight, it was too much. I cried out,

"What do you want?! Just leave me alone! Why does this happen to me?! Why can't you leave me alone?!" I felt myself cry again and curled myself up into a ball, I heard someone stop in front of me. They didn't say anything, I was glad, I didn't want their pity. They were patient, they waited until my sobs subsided, I didn't look up instead I said,

"What do you want?"

"They have changed you... Normally you would ask who I was... Or at least that was one of the paths set out for our meeting... Or maybe it shall still be the first question you ask... Correct?" I felt my tails twitch in hesitation,

"You talk like Al'Leako..." I heard the person chuckle,

"Ahh, but yet we are the opposite... Correct?" I glanced up and saw phoenix sat in front of me, they had golden feathers that ran along the most of their body, the tips of their wings and tail were black and there was a black area around their face- almost like a mask. I couldn't see their eye for they had some weird over tip covering them.

"I see I was late... Of course I could be early, but then you would not need me... Correct?" I just nodded numbly, the bird tilted it's head to the side and said,

"Space and Time, two sides of the same coin... much like a Fox and Shadow." I growled at the bird and sprang towards it. I landed face first into the mud, I spat out grit and dirt. I heard a chuckle above me and I looked up to see the phoenix regarding me with his in see able eyes,

"Yet one face can fade... Correct? A Midnight flower to cleanse the mind, a Little Nature to save from the brink and a Little Space to recover that which shall be lost... Correct? Remember that Little One... Correct?"

"Who are you!?" I yelled, suddenly the bird was in front of me, I watched as their body seemed to shimmer and then a Lion was standing in front of me, I still couldn't see it's eyes but it's fur was black with golden marking and this time a golden over lap covered his eyes. His mane was black but waves of gold rolled through them, I fell down on my behind in shock,

"Time and Space, so close yet so apart... Correct?" His voice was deeper then it had been and seemed to glide across the clearing, a voice that spoke of great wisdom and knowledge.

"Time? You're Time? What's your name?" I asked trying to not be intimidated by his large body, I blinked as he shrank and then a cute little cub was sat in front of me,

"What?" I watched as the cub giggled and spoke in a yappy voice,

"Time is ever changing... Correct? So at times I am the wise Lion and others I am the blissfully innocent Cub... Correct?" Not much had changed apart from the fact that he was smaller, his mane was shorter and his body more chubby.

"You wish to forget the time just past... Correct? You wish to forget the blood covering your fangs... Correct?" I felt myself heave again, I could still feel the blood around my face. The lion cub walked up to me and gently pressed his paw against my cheek, rubbing off the blood that covered it,

"I see much for your future... Many paths, correct? All of which end with the same thing... Correct?" I didn't bother asking what those ends were, I was too focused on the forgetting part.

"I want to forget! Please make me not remember what has happened!" The cub nodded and said,

"I will give you this gift for I feel for what you shall suffer later, correct?" I watched as the cub pressed his cold wet nose against my forehead,

"And so I shall grant you the gift to forget all that had happened these last few days, you will not remember any of which has happened... or..." The rest faded as I felt my eyes droop.


I opened my eyes and stepped back in surprise as I saw a little Lion Cub sitting in front of me, I couldn't see it's eyes but it had black fur with golden markings on it and the man was black with waves of gold flowing through it.

"Who are you?" I asked suspiciously, I couldn't feel Shadow and immediately knew something was happening.

"So this time it was the first question you asked me... Correct?" The cub mused to itself.

"What?" The cub turned it's focus towards me and suddenly the world seemed to spin, before I blacked out completely I heard the cub say,

"I am Al'Tijd."

The End

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