A Life for a LifeMature


I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see him reaching for me. I didn't want to hear him screaming my name. I didn't want to feel the pain in my heart that I couldn't go to him.

Then I heard a cold, cruel laughter. Al'Drako...

My eyes snapped open. Yes, I had lost Mazany but hope would bring him back. The grey, black and red began to fade away while the colours of the world - the sane world - began to come through. Everything was normal again and Al'Drako was gaping at me in shock.

I twisted around and kicked him with as much force as I was able. He realised his illusions of my fear would no longer work on me but, somewhere in his long life, Al'Drako had learned to fight. It was a stalemate until he had a stroke of brilliance.

He had me trapped against a rock. My head was bleeding badly. Al'Drako was laughing triumphantly at me as I struggled. But his delight came too soon.

I could see over Al'Drako's shoulder Ice fighting Thalpius. They were pretty even until Thalpius was distacted by Al'Drako's laughter.

"Zuri!" Thalpius cried and began to run to me. Ice took advantage of him losing focus and used her power of  creating wounds on our brother.

She hit him straight through the heart.

"Thalpius!" The scream was torn from my already broken soul. He fell to the ground.

"No!" I hit Al'Drako in the stomach with a glowing ball of Light and he let go, writhing in agony.

His agony was nothing next to mine.

I turned to Ice, knowing that Al'Drako wouldn't be a problem for a long time. She took in my fury and pain... and actually stepped back in fear.

I threw fire orb after fire orb at her. She dodged them, snarling and began to slip away. She grabbed a weakened Al'Drako and pulled him back with her. Together, they disappeared into the trees.

"I hate you," I shrieked after them, "Your own little brother!". The silence was thick. My gaze dropped to his body. Numb, I walked over to him and dropped to my knees. I began to sob uncontrollably. First Mazany now Thalpius...

When the sobs dried, I sat there, frozen. There was a gentle breeze that brushed my face.

He plans for the Trickster to get close to her and then kill her, slowly.

She has a daughter called Midnight.

If he kills the child too then even better.

Is the child innocent?


Thalpius was gone but if I didn't do something then another child - equally as innocent - was going to die too. I stood up.

"Nature, come to me, please, I need you," the Element responded by filling me with warmth and strength. "Guide me to the vampire Pureblood called Elizabeth and her daughter Midnight so I can protect them from Shadow." Nature gave me an instinctive urge of where to go. I looked at my brother one last time then commanded, "Take me there."

I had never manipulated any of the Elements in a way that I could transport from place to place instantly. It was the most peculiar feeling... it made me feel queasy.

The queasiness faded quickly when I suddenly appeared in front of Mazany, blood around his mouth. A faint blush touched my cheek as I remembered the more... intimate part of the illusion but remained focused. I caught a glimpse of the child that had to be Midnight and placed myself firmly between her and Mazany.

"She's just a child! Don't let the Shadow take over!" I pleaded with Mazany, ignoring that it was Shadow at the forefront of his eyes. I watched Shadow slip away and Mazany take his place. Mazany shook his head and his eyes widened as he took in the massacre around us.

"No, please no... Not again," he said almost silently.

Mazany spun around and fled.

I stared after him making sure he really had gone then faced the crying child. I wrapped my arms around the girl.

"I'm so sorry," I breathed then followed Mazany out of the house.

The End

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