Nightmares & RealityMature

That night I was free of the torment of the Shadow's but I had a worse dream, one in which Zuri was talking to another me,

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for... " She stopped and looked like she didn't now what to say. I watched as the other me stroked her hair,

"Sh, don't say sorry. You don't need to apologize for anything." I felt myself freeze as I watched him kiss her forehead.

"I love you." I felt my muscles tighten futher as Zuri uttered these words. She loved me? But she had left me. She had left me when I needed her the most, was that what someone who loved you did?

I watched, shocked, as the other Mazany chuckled and pulled Zuri closer to him,

"I'm glad to hear you say so. I love you, too." I caught my breath and watched as he leaned in and brushed his lips against Zuri's. I felt myself glare at them and then I frowned in confusion, Why did I feel like this? Did I really 'love' Zuri? I thought I hated her for leaving me? Why has everything become more complicated?

I saw Zuri push away and say in surprise, "Mazany, what are you doing?"

"Sh, I love you," He leaned in again. I knew this was a dream... but whose?

I flinched as the shadows moved forward and pulled the other me away from Zuri, struggling. I watched as Zuri tried to run towards me, ironic since she was the one who left me to the Shadows before,

"Mazany!" She screamed, blue waves seemed to crash against her, stopping her from moving forward. I could feel the coldness that came with them.

"Zuri! Zuri, I need you! Please help me!" I shuddered at the closeness of the words spoken to my own thoughts. I saw the change that came over my features, anger replaced the love in his eye and I saw Zuri cringe, anticipating the words that were coming,

"I hate you," He snarled at her, I froze at the words I had uttered to Zuri so long ago, "How could you let this happen to me?"

No, I didn't mean it like that, I didn't hate Zuri like this,

"Why didn't you come? You're no Pixie Royalty. You're nothing. Especially to me."

No that wasn't true! She was something to me... She was...

"You're nothing to me. I hate you so much."

I flinched at the words again, I tried to reach towards Zuri but I felt myself slip away. I was falling.

Kill them...


I woke up gasping, my hair stuck to my scalp, eyes open wide.

"Mazany! Mazany, are you ok? Mazany, it was a dream! You're safe." I shuddered and glanced at Elizabeth who was knelt beside the bed I had been sleeping in. My eyes felt hollow and my expression gaunt. Sleep wasn't helping me, I could barely eat from the Nightmare's that haunted me. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around me and held me close to her.

"Sh, Mazany, it's ok. You're safe here." I nodded and said,

"I'm sorry." Elizabeth gave me a look and said,

"Don't apologize. I'm sorry that I can't do anything to help." I nodded numbly. Elizabeth got up and left the room, she turned back and said,

"I'm going to be in the music room with Middy... Try to go and eat something ok?" I nodded again, knowing that I wouldn't be able to force anything into my empty stomach. I watched as she closed the door and got up, I caught the table as I was struck by a sudden sense of dizziness,

Kill them!

"No..." I whispered quietly. I staggered to the door and lurched down the corridor,

Kill them all.

"No!" I knocked into a vase causing it to crash onto the ground, a maid came round the corner and ran up to me,

"Are you ok?" She reached out a hand to help me, I swiped her away from me and watched as she fell to the ground, broken.

"No. God please no." I grabbed my head and walked into the lobby,

Kill them. I felt myself fall away as Shadow took over, he laughed at me,

And now they shall die...

I tried to fight against it, I watched as I shifted into my fox form. Maids screamed as I knocked them away,

Where is she?! Shadow yelled at me, I cowered away futher.

Elizabeth appeared running down the steps,

"Please I want to help you!!" She yelled, running towards me. I struggled against Shadow.

No! Don't kill her! Shadow just laughed at me and lunged for Elizabeth, I felt my claws slice through her skin. She didn't have time to scream. I watched as Shadow tore her arms from her body, and crushed she skull beneath his paw, shredding her whole body to pieces.

I heard a sob and Shadow spun around, I saw Middy on the steps sobbing. Tears streamed down her face,

No, please don't hurt her, please. I felt myself plead to Shadow but he wouldn't listen. He snarled at Middy, I could feel the blood on my teeth. Shadow began to step forward, I fought harder for control but it was no use, Shadow was determined. He stopped suddenly as Zuri appeared in front of me,

"She's just a child! Don't let Shadow take over!" She yelled at me, suddenly I was back in control. I shook my head and saw what I had done, I felt my eyes widen in horror.

No, please no... Not again.

I turned a fled. I heard Shadow laughing in my mind. I had killed her... I had killed Elizabeth.

No... Not again.

The End

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