Middy's Nightmare (Part 2)Mature

I stretched my hand out,

"Wait! Don't leave me!" I watched as the figures turned round slowly, Zuri and Al'leako looked at me.

"Little One you are Evil! You do not deserve my help!" I watched as Al'leako slowly faded away, I started to run towards Zuri,

"Please don't leave me! I'm scared Zuri! Please help me!" I reached out a hand towards her but she seemed to get futher away from me.

"You're too dangerous! You're evil! I don't want to be your friend you Trickster! You tried to kill me! You've killed others too! I hate you, you evil fox!" Zuri yelled at me, I watched has her body morphed into a shadow. The shadow smiled at me and opened it's mouth which was crudely cut with stitches keeping it closed,

"Come Demon Fox, we shall rule the dark. Give yourself to me and we shall kill all those who stand in our way."

"No! I don't want that! I don't want to hurt my friends!" The shadow shook it's head,

"Kill her Maz... Kill them! Kill... those who stand in our way... Kill them!" I felt hands grip my body and I struggled as I was sucked into the ground. Then I fell, I kept falling.

"Kill them..."


Kill them...

I woke with a jolt, crying out, the final line rebounded through my mind. I felt someone touch my shoulder and I jumped up from the bed and turned, snarling, at the person who had touched my shoulder. I stopped sudden;y, shocked, I saw Middy sitting beside the bed I had slept in, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She looked like she I been sleeping by the bed as I slept, she rubbed her eyes and walked towards me dazed slightly.

I stiffened as she wrapped her arms around my furry body, I growled and stepped away from her, shifting back into my human form,

"No! Don't touch me!" I felt myself shudder,

Kill them... The touches of the dream still clung close to my skin.

"You were screaming in your sleep last night... Mommy had to make you stop." Middy said rubbing her eyes. I went to the door and opened it, leaving Middy looking after my fleeing figure.

Somehow I ended up outside, in the garden. I stood still for a moment and took in my surroundings, flowers surrounded me. I watched as the garden teemed with life, bright colours attacked my eyes and I stood memorized for a while, I didn't hear Elizabeth come up behind me,

"It's beautiful isn't it?" I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye, I nodded. She sighed,

"I want to help you. Please tell me who is hurting you, you should be free to choose your own future." I flinched at sat down on the bench, hanging my head and staring at the floor,

"I don't have choice. I'm just a puppet, don't try to help me." She sat down next to me a touched my arm,

"You do have a choice, no one controls you. Your life is yours." I felt tears prickle my eyes,

"That means that I killed them my self... that I was the one who ended their lives! They haunt me, they will always be there to remind me of what I've done... he will always be there to pull the strings attached to me." I paused, "If anyone cut those strings I would be a broken puppet. I would have no reason to live, I don't have a reason to live now." I felt frustration rise, I got up and balled my hands.

"Why did you save me?! I could have died! I could have been freed from this torment! You're not saving me, you're killing me!"

"That's not true! No one should want to die! There is always something to live for, you silly Nutbrain." I looked up shocked and saw Middy standing in front of me. I thought about Zuri, Middy and her were two of a kind. I gulped as I thought about what I had done to Zuri's father.

"I don't have anything to live for." I said sadly,

"What about if you lived for me?" Middy said smiling cheerfully at me, I looked at her dumbfounded.

Kill them...

The End

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