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Thalpius was wearily walking after me. I glanced over my shoulder at him and sighed. I'd forgotten he needed rest more than me. I doubled back and swung him up into the air. He giggled tiredly. I made sure I had a good grip on him and began to walk again, carrying him in my arms. He rested his little head on my shoulder and fell asleep.

I tried to walk smoothly, so I wouldn't wake him, but quickly. We reached my treehouse and I managed to hoist both of us up into it. I laid him carefully on the floor. I really needed to get a bed, I thought absently and watched my sleeping brother. Thalpius had golden wings that moved to cover him and keep him warm as he slept.

I sat on the floor near him incase anything decided to suddenly attack. I thought about how I had to seek revenge on Mazany. I sighed. Hadn't I done enough to him? My eyelids drooped. No! I don't want to sleep! I fought to stay awake but it was useless.

I stood in the middle of an endless blackness. In the distance there was a flicker of light. I cautiously approached it. It was a spark. I reached for it and touched it. It burst into a huge flame. I jumped and backed away but the fire spread to encircle me. I was trapped.

"Water come to me please," I cried. I really started to panic when the Element wouldn't respond.

"Do not fear, Little Rainbow," a voice said. It seemed to come from the fire itself. A figure emerged from the flames. Her hair was red, orange and yellow; flames around her head. Her eyes were a deep brown. She wore a low cut, brown dress. She was very tall.

"What is your name, Element Phoenix?" I asked.

"I am Al'Feugo, dear one," she replied, "And I am here to talk to you of my other dear child."

"Mazany," I said and she nodded.

"My Fire Fox has lost his way," Al'Feugo said, "He is too weak to conjure a strong enough flame to melt the ice inside him."

"Ice?" I repeated. Al'Feugo stared at me and I understood. "Oh, Nature!" I cried, "The final debt. That's it! Ice took Maz and is using him. That's what he meant by them not Him! Oh, Al'Feugo, what do I do?"

"My Fire Fox has lost his way. He is too weak to conjure a strong enough flame to melt the ice inside him," Al'Feugo repeated, "Or maybe it would be better to say he is strong enough, he has just given up hope."

"So... if I got him some hope..?" I started to suggest.

"His hope was shattered," Al'Feugo told me, "Ice knew if he had hope then he would fight back and she would lose." I blinked back tears.

"I was his hope," I whispered, "When I helped him and became his friend he had hope for the future. Then I disappeared because Ice..." It was all becoming clear.

"He needs you but Shadow and Ice have made sure he does not want you," Al'Feugo breathed, "It won't be easy, Little Rainbow, but please save my Fire Fox child."

I woke up just as the sun was rising. I at frozen for a minute. No nightmares? No screaming? No pain? Just a weird dream? I glanced at Thalpius who was snoring softly. I smiled briefly. The Sun keeps the Darkness away. That had been my Grandma's favourite saying. I moved over to Thalpius and whispered in his ear.

"Thalpius, you need to get up. Come on, Little Sun." He stirred and his eyes flickered to my face. When he was a little more awake, we ate and got moving.

I heard voices up ahead and caught a glimmer of light blue hair. I put a finger to my lips, indicating to Thalpius to be quiet. He nodded. We hid and we listened.

The End

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