Middy's Nightmare (Part 1)Mature


I raised an eyebrow and stated, "You call THAT a house?!"

I had given up struggling a few minuets later but she still hung tight to me. Folding my arms in front of me I glanced over my shoulder and gave her a look,
"You can put me down now."

A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. I looked back at the house - more like a mansion. The house was whitewash bricks and had three levels to it, rose bushes sat along the wall of the building and the windows sparkled in the sunlight. I glanced down and noticed that the woman was wearing a bracelet with a crescent moon on it.

"So your a vampire?" I felt her tense slightly,

"How did you know that?" I snorted and gave her an offended look,

"I'm not a complete imbecile" I blinked, shocked, I sounded just like Zuri...

The woman took me up to the door and I watched as someone opened it- it was a maid (of course they had MAIDS)- I watched as they began to giggle. Frowning deeper, I thought about what it must look like: a woman carrying a child in front of her and that child hanging with his arms crossed.

"Will you put me down!" I said again.

"We're nearly there Little One." Damn! I was frowning a lot today. The lobby was big, and I mean big, the center of the room was dominated by a grand staircase. I didn't have time to gape in amazement, instead the woman carried me into a side room and put me down on the sofa. Narrowing my eyes, arms still crossed, she knelt down in front of me and smiled,

"I don't think I've ever seen a kid who didn't smile..." She stated, looking at me with her violet eyes.

"Maybe because everything I used to smile at has been destroyed." I said bitterly, I glanced away from her.

 She looked at me for a bit longer before she finally said to one of the maids,
"Would you mind getting me the first aid kit?"

"Of course Elizabeth" The maid said, doing a small curtsy.

"What's your name then?" She asked kindly,

"Why do you want to know?" I asked tensely.

"Because I can't keep calling you Little One, now can I?" She replied giving me a look.

"Mazany..." I muttered.

I nodded, "Hmm... I think I've heard that name before."

 I flinched and instantly tensed up but Elizabeth didn't notice because right at that moment a little voice squealed.

Looking up surprised I saw little girl my age fling herself into Elizabeth's arms. Elizabeth hugged the child back and I tilted my head, affection and love seemed so alien to me.

 Elizabeth noticed me watching and said, "This is my little girl Middy," she smiled lovingly at the girl and said to her, "Middy, this is Mazany."

 The girl looked like a younger version of Elizabeth, except that she had bright green eyes.
Middy came up to me a held out a hand saying,
"Hi! I'm Middy."

She smiled brightly at me, closing her eyes, she looked so innocent. I felt a turmoil of feelings in the pit of my stomach; happiness, longing, pain, sadness. I looked away and wrapped my arms around myself, bringing up my legs and wrapping my tail around myself too. This was all too alien to me, why were they being so nice? I... I hated it...

Middy gave me a puzzled look and said,
"Are you ok?"

She sat down next to me a touched my shoulder. I flinched and glanced up to see Elizabeth giving me a puzzled look. I rested my head on my knees, not wanting to look at the people in front of me. I flinched at the pain of my burning knees.

"Mommy! He's bleeding!" I felt Middy's hands rest on my bleeding knees. I growled slightly and felt her remove her hand.

"Don't growl at me." She said hurt. I wrapped my tails closer around me, resting one gently on my knee so that they couldn't touch it. I hated this... I hated it so much... they were too nice... Why did they have to be so nice?

"I hate this..." I whispered quietly. Feeling a hand tap my head I glanced up to see Middy standing in front of me frowning. I looked at her coldly but she just smiled,
"I think we could be friends!"

I felt myself blink in shock, but then I pushed Middy away from me,
"No! I don't want any friends! They just get in the way!" More like hurt...

Tears prickled my eyes and Middy looked at me hurt. Getting up slowly I limped out of the room. Elizabeth went to Middy to help her up, not noticing that I had left. I walked back into the lobby at walked out of the, still open, doors.

No! I screamed in agony and fell down on the gravel, clutching my head.

No! You are not leaving yet! You're not done! Shadow shouted in my head, I whimpered in pain and felt tears streaming down my face. The pain wouldn't stop...
"No! Stop! Please, I'll stay!"

I sobbed quietly before I felt arm's wrap around me. Opening my eyes slightly I saw Elizabeth looking at me, concern written across her face. She carried me back inside the house and I curled closer towards her, whimpering in pain the whole way,
"Please make it stop..." I whispered.

"Make what stop? Mazany! Make what stop?"

"Him! Make him stop!" I cried feebly.
"Please make the pain stop." I said again, tears running down my face.

"Mazany, who's doing this? Who's causing this pain? Where is he?"

"Him!" I yelled in frustration.
"He's doing it, he's angry, he's here!" I cried.

Another wave of pain pulsated through my mind causing me to cry out again. Curling myself up tighter I felt Elizabeth put me down on something soft, running her hand through my hair,
"Shh... Mazany, it'll be OK. He can't get you here, you're safe."

"He can get me here..." I said sadly. The pain had stopped and was a dull throb in my mind,
"He will always get me." I whispered.

"Where is he Mazany? What does he want?" I didn't say anything. I felt so tired and the soft bed was inviting me into the temptation of sleep.

"No... I don't want to sleep... please don't make me sleep..." I said tiredly.

"Mazany you need to, you're sick... that wound is worst then we thought."

"No... please don't... don't make me sleep." I said feeling my eyelids droop, her hand carried on stroking my head, lulling me deeper into the temptation of sleep. Soon enough I couldn't stop it from claiming me and so fell asleep crying.

The End

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