I couldn't believe it! Ava said it was OK! Was she insane? I sighed. No, she was too focused on Father to really notice anything else.

Thalpius was all smug about getting his way. I helped him pack a bag. Then I faced him and put my hands on my hips, getting into the whole 'big, responsible sister' mode.

"Now, listen up, kiddo, you've never taken a step outside this world. You have no idea what it is like out there. You cannot treat it like a big, fun game. I have a lot to do and it isn't fun. It's dangerous and serious. I have... I have a lot of enemies in that world. You will obey every command I give you. You hearing me?" Thalpius opened his mouth to protest but I cut him off, "You hearing me?" Reluctantly he nodded. I nodded, pleased, and picked him up. I kissed his forehead. I was about to enter the other world when a thought struck me.

"Please, please, please, tell me you have a power," I said to Thalpius.

"Yep," he stated proudly, "I have telekinetic powers and can create forcefields."

"That's really good," I told him sincerely, "And very useful." The next second we were in Mazany's world. I gently put Thalpius on the ground and we began to walk.

"I wish I could control an Element, even if my powers are pretty cool," Thalpius said. I stopped walking and he looked at me confused.

"The Elements are dangerous and a curse, Little Sun," I murmured. His eyes widened.

"Can you control an Element?" he asked. I shook my head. I couldn't control 'an' Element.

"What is your power then? I thought you controlled Nature. That's an Element isn't it?"

"It is," I nodded. We began to walk again.

"So you can control an Element," Thalpius frowned. I shook my head again.

"Did you know that there is only one more person more powerful than I in the world? Then there are two that are equally powerful - that I know of at least. All three hate me and two are my enemies," I smiled weakly at Thalpius, "I don't control an Element, Little Sun." Thalpius gasped in understanding.

"How many?"

"You are walking with the most powerful Pixie," I wasn't boasting, just stating facts, "I control all elements except Lightning, Space and Time. Wanna know my theory as to why?" Thalpius nodded. "My old best friend can control Lightning and Space, together we'd make the strongest force... except he hates me now. My theory about Time is that sometime in my life I will come across someone who can control Time and we shall unite together against the greatest enemy."

"I've heard rumours about the most powerful Element," Thalpius said, "But no one really thinks of it as an Element."

"Emotions? Yes, I've heard it too. I cannot control that either. Thank Nature! It is bad enough dealing with all the rest. Emotions is so difficult to control that if my theory sticks then I know I will admire the one who does control it."

"So your theory is that you, the one who hates you, a Time controller and an Emotions controller will all meet in the future to overcome 'the greatest enemy'?"

"Yep, that about sums it up," I nodded in approval, "I also think that there will be others who cannot control an Element helping us."

"Is that why we have come here? To find them?"

"No," I said sadly, "I've come here to find each of the Element Phoenixes and to find a Fire Fox called Mazany."


"Because it is he who hurt our father," I muttered, "And it is my duty to seek revenged."

"Why is it yours?"

"Because it falls to the oldest unless there is a valid reason they cannot do it. Father is the oldest and it is he who has been hurt, Ava, your mother, is treating him and Ice doesn't care. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if it was Ice who offered her help to let Mazany in. That leaves me." There was a silence.

"You don't want to," Thalpius noted. I shook my head. "Why?"

"He's my old best friend who now hates me."

The End

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