Mazany: SufferMature

I felt Shadow slip back inside me and I shivered slightly.

Have fun Demon? I shook my head and carried on moving forwards.

Zuri did deserve to suffer... she left me, she said she wouldn't leave me... but why did she leave me? We were meant to be friends but now we were enemies, there was no way that we could mend the split between us, and now she would come out to find her revenge. I glanced up on impulse and found myself back at the tree house, I saw Zuri rush outside and open a portal. Ducking behind a tree I watched as she left.

"Puppet" I mumbled to myself. I was just a puppet. Yep Demon, you're just a puppet.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted.

Now why would I do that? I turned away from the tree house and moved back through the trees. Something cold fell upon my paw, I glanced down in time to see a snowflake melt completely. I walked into the middle of a clearing and sat down.

Snow began to fall more quickly and soon my fur had a thin layer of snow coating it. The snow danced and swirled in front of me, watching it I didn't notice that it was then that Ice appeared until Shadow pushed his way forward, and I just let him. I mean I was just a Puppet.

I watched as Shadow shook the snow of my body, stretching.

"Ahh, the lovely Ice. Always a pleasure." He sneered, pacing forwards slowly. Ice raised an eyebrow causing Shadow to chuckle.

"Shadow right? I've heard that's the name your going with at this time" Shadow nodded and tipped his head to the side,

"I don't like this Demon going into the Pixie World, I cannot travel with him." You can't travel with me? I asked in my mind, Shadow nodded frowning.

"Don't worry, it was a once in a life time thing. Anyway I needed him to go so that we could get that annoying father of a Pixie out of the picture."

"Hmm... So you are going to help our... 'cause'?" Shadow mused, smiling slyly. Ice snorted and said,

"I have my goals and you have yours... but" She smiled back, "It seems our goals are one in the same and so for now I shall help you."

"Perfect!" Shadow said. Ice nodded and said,
"And so we shall bring the darkness across the world. What are you going to do now?" Shadow sat down and wrapped my tails around him.

"Well I have a job for the Fire Fox Demon that shall require our 'puppet' to be... himself" I felt a smile tug at the corner of our mouth. Ice narrowed her eyes, Shadow waved a paw saying,
"Oh come now! Don't get yourself into a strop. We need to get passed one more problem. Make sure you gather 'them' up."

 Ice nodded and I watched as her body slowly turned into snow, falling gently down to the ground.

"Well looks like I have to go Fire Fox. Try not to get into too much trouble." Shadow sneered and then I felt him slip away from me. I stood there shocked, I was... free? Of both of them? But for how long?

I was just their puppet for the grand show.

The End

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