Thalpius (Part One)Mature


I ended up at the treehouse. I paced around, muttering random things under my breath. When I saw Mazany outside I didn't turn to him. Either he'd stay or go. Not surprisingly, he went.

I decided to get some sleep but just as I was drifting off I felt a powerful pull. Someone was calling to me from the Pixie World. It had to be someone I truly cared for, someone who loved me in return... ah! I knew who it was and nothing would keep me in this world when he was calling me.

I return to the Pixie World hastily. I jogged inside our house and...

"Zuri!" he called and threw himself into my waiting arms. I swirled him around and made sure I had a comfortable hold of him. I smiled at him, a genuine smile, and kissed his forehead.

"Hey, Thalpius! What you calling for, Little Sun?" I asked. Thalpius was my little half-brother. He was nearly five years old and the cutest thing in my opinion. Father's marriage to Ava had survived and even after Thalpius' birth, Ava still treated me like, and called me, her daughter. Ava still called Ice her daughter too but their relationship was more strained than Ava and mine; despite the fact I didn't spend much time in this world (until recently of course).

Don't get me wrong, I love Ava and when Thalpius was born I loved him but I spent most of my time with Mazany. Whenever I could, I played with Thalpius and he preferred me to Ice. Ice ignored him but once I'd caught her about to hit him but I'd interceded. She'd never tried anything since. Until the last debt though, I didn't really know my brother and he didn't know me. I felt a bit guilty because I'd been lonely as a child and now Thalpius didn't have anyone to play with but the focus of my life was my Mazany and so I didn't feel guilty long.

Then that dreaded day came. The day I'd been forced to leave Mazany. I cut off from all my family, I hated Ice with a consuming passion and I couldn't forgive Father. Ava and I hadn't had much to do with one another and anyway she was always going to be on Father's side. I stayed in my room for two weeks lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling. Only the maid came in, to clean around me and to leave me food.

I'd been lying immobile when I heard a tiny knock on the door. I remained silent. The door opened a bit and I could just see a small body step into my room. He had my chestnut brown hair and innocent look but his eyes were a dark brown that made his eyes look wide and adorable. I could remember our conversation vividly.


"Can I come in?" he asked in a sweet voice. Slowly, I turned my head to face him completely. I nodded, a tiny movement of my head, and silently called wind to close the door behind him. I swallowed to clear my throat.

"Can you reach the lock?" my voice was faint from my weakness and disuse. In answer he turned and stretched but was unable to reach. I knew I had a ghost smile around my mouth at his determination when it was futile to continue. I was shocked that I was almost smiling. I forced myself to get off the bed and darted over behind my little brother and locked it myself.

He looked up at me in surprise but then I went back to my bed and resumed my original position. Thalpius clambered up on my bed and sat next to me. His adorable face full of concern.

"You look weal thin, Zuwi," Thalpius stated. I thought it was sweet that he couldn't pronounce his 'r's correctly. He had a true little kid's voice but a hundred times more cute. There was a silence.

"Um, I know dat you like to be left alone and we don't weally talk or play togever but I bwought you summin," Thalpius pulled a small card from his pocket. He'd made it himself. He'd drawn a picture of me in a forest. I held up my hands and he gave it to me. I opened the card and a silver locket fell out. It had precious stones embedded in it - each one matching an element colour. I opened it and stared blankly at the picture in there. When I registered what it was tears sprang to my eyes.

"How did you get this?" I whispered.

"Our Gwandma Brook came to me. She said that you were bound couldn't see her anymore but I could. She told me what to do. I found the locket and gave it to you," Thalpius explained. I closed my eyes and sat up. It was a picture of my Mama holding me in her arms. I put it around my neck and abruptly pulled Thalpius into a hug.

"Thank you," I breathed.

The End

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