A suicidal Pixie, I laughed with no happiness at that thought. I stumbled over to the dwarf and forced my self to look down at the still face, his eyes were still open and I ran my hand across, closing them, leaving a bloody trail. Those eyes would haunt me forever but I didn't have the right to burry him... not with these hands. I avoided looking at the wound and instead stumbled back through the forest. My hands hung limply at my sides and my mind felt blank, I came across a river and forced myself to out my hands in them. I bit back the cry of pain as my hands came into contact with the cold water.

I could do it. I could end it all. I could just die in the water. I pushed my hands further in and gasped at the pain, hands wrapped themselves around my waist and a pale hand touched my arm. Pulling it gently back,

"Now I can't have you dying. Take your hands out." I couldn't stop myself, I pulled my hands out slowly and I felt Ice lay her head on my shoulder. She wrapped her arms around my stomach and we stayed like that for a while, me kneeling with my arms limp at my side and Ice kneeling behind me, her head on my shoulder and arms around my waist.

"There's a good Fire Fox Demon" She whispered in my ear,

"I have a job for you... It includes my farther and going to Pixie world." I tried to protest but she put a finger to my lips and turned my body around. Her face was inches away from mine and I was looking into her eyes,

"I want you to hurt farther..." I couldn't resist the command and I got up, Ice opened a portal in front of me and I walked through. Well have fun Little Demon. Shadow said moving away from my being.

Ice walked behind me smiling as I walked down the moonlit path towards the castle where hers and Zuri's farther lived. She lead me through the back and whispered,

"Farther is in his room. Don't kill him but make sure that he feels the pain." I nodded slowly and moved across the corridor, pulling the manipulation of Space around me to stop people seeing me.

I came to a grand oak door and knew that Zuri's father slept behind in, I opened the door and moved inside. I walked up to his sleeping form and dropped my cloaking, I stood at the foot of his bed and watched as his eyes fluttered open, he growled at me and brought the power of Earth and Air to him. I used space to make it look like their was more then one of me, I shifted into my fox form. He jumped out of his bed and launched a spear of wind at my illusions. Jumping at him, I slashed across his arm with my claws. He cried out in pain and fell against the floor, unable to move. I bent down and broke his leg, watching as he withered in agony,

"That's enough" I glanced up at the window and saw a snowy figure of Ice, she blasted the windows open and shot a blast of ice and snow at me. I didn't fight, instead I was flung back and then suddenly I crashed against a tree. Back in the forest. I pulled my arms around my legs and tucked myself into a ball. I was un able the cry,  had already cried myself out.

Zuri would hate me... she would suffer, but I wanted her to suffer. I wanted her to feel the pain that I felt, she deserved this... didn't she?

I looked down at my arms and saw the angry red marks of the scratches that I had gotten from my dream. I got up slow and began to walk through the forest, I came across the old tree house that I had stayed in with Zuri. I watched from behind a tree seeing Zuri pass by the window. I frowned. Yes, she deserved to suffer. Turning I left.

The End

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