I jolted from my sleep. I'd given in and somehow gotten to sleep. There had been more nightmares but it didn't seem to end when I awoke because in the distance I could hear horrified screams. I hesitated but knew I had to go see if I could help so I stood up; rubbing my bruised and sunken eyes.

There was another scream and it seemed vaguely familiar. Panicked, I sped up follow the noise. As I neared I could hear broken, agonized sobs. It was definitely Mazany. I stopped, debating whether or not to step forward, when a hand struck out to hit me. I dropped to the ground and twisted around to look up into ice blue eyes. She kicked me in the stomach and I cried out in pain. She was going to kick again but I rolled away. I groaned as a sharp pain shot through my abdoman. It was so intense that I didn't notice I'd rolled out of the trees and Mazany had seen me.

We stared at each other for a long moment; our faces frozen in whatever expressions were upon them when our eyes had met. Mine contorted in pain and his horrified. Then I caught some movement in the trees and leapt to my feet, ignoring the pain.

"No!" I growled and shot a glowing orb of Elements at her but she'd whirled around and run away. I hissed in frustration. "I won't forget this," I promised her as she disappeared completely. I blew out a puff of air in irritation then turned to face Mazany who was still frozen. I was in such a bad mood that I was cold, even to him.

"What are you staring at?" I snapped. Then I saw the blood on his hands. It was drying before my eyes and there was a trail of it. Unwillingly - involuntarily - my eyes roamed across the area to the body of the dwarf. Mazany had cut open the dwarf's chest and I could see the...

I blinked. Believe it or not, I'd seen worse in my nightmares. Seeing it in real life though... then it hit home. Mazany had done this. My Mazany had... no, he couldn't have... But the blood was literally on his hands.

If I'd had anything in my stomach it would have been coming back up.

It was then he lunged; his hands grabbing my throat. His hands tightened and immediately I began to feel the effects.

"This is your fault," he spat, "See what I've become because of you?"

"I see," I choked out. I stared into his eyes and saw something deep in them; inside him. There was a shadow which I instantly identified as Him but even deeper than that... what was it?

His hands were loosening in response to hearing me choke.

"No," I gasped trying to hold his hands to my neck. His eyes widened in surprise then he let go completely and I dropped to the ground and, without my wanting them to, my lungs dragged air back into them. I looked expressionlessly up at him.

"You can't do it, can you?" I panted, "You can do that," I pointed at the dwarf's lifeless body, "You can kill someone who's done nothing to you but you can't hurt -let alone kill - me; me who has abandoned you and caused you great pain."

"I didn't do... that," Mazany muttered. I jumped to my feet, frenzied.

"You're right. You didn't, I did by way of you. Because of me it was your hands that has the blood on them. Come on, Maz, it's my fault! Get me back for it! You hate me remember? I left you and now you're a sadistic murderer. You cold and alone and you're not in control and that was me. Look at yourself, Maz! I did that, I made you so ev-"

"SHUT UP!" he roared and back handed me. The blow sent me flying and I crashed into a tree before dropping to the ground. One side of my face was bruised by his hand the other cut by the tree. He stared at me, amazed. I lost hope that he'd hurt me again as realisation settled into his features.

"You want me to hurt you," he stated stunned, "You were trying to provoke me. You want to be punished and maybe even die." I didn't say anything, he didn't need confirmation. The silence dragged on and he made no move.

"You're not going to do it," I stood up. "It's all my fault but you won't do it. Why not? I'm dead anyway," tears came to my eyes.

"You deserve to suffer," he said.

"Yes," I agreed after a pause, "And so do they but you're the only one who can get Him. Remember this also: I saved you and so consequently I left you." I spun around and walked away.

The End

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