Mazany: ShadowMature

Darkness swirled feebly around the camp fire that Ice had built, I sat and watched as the flames danced and twirled up wards, curling towards the moon. Ice had left to do something, I didn't ask what, my hand self consciously touched the scars on my arm and I shuddered, breaking my eye contact with the fire.
The darkness seemed to hang heavily in the air, blocking out all of the light except for the small fire. Something moved behind me and I felt him push me away from my mind, I didn't struggle, I had gotten use to it by now and knew that nothing I did would stop him. I watched as a great figure stepped into the lonely light, it was like a giant raven, sleek black feathers that seemed to be almost covered in oil, his beak was golden and the tips of his wings were also golden. His eye were black with a golden pupil and his body had golden markings that seemed to shift in the fire light.

I watched as his shape changed, he became smaller and became an, almost, humanoid. He was now like the shadows in my dream only he seemed more clear, his claws wear sharper and his mouth was covered with a swirling dark scarf, his feet were bare but the tips seemed to drift up wards like a wisp of smoke. His eyes were a demonic red and darkness seemed to pulsate from his body.

"Good afternoon master" His voice sounded hollow and in human, like he knew what humans sounded like but couldn't put it in his voice. He bowed deeply but never took his eyes of me, he never blinked either.

"Al'Drako." I felt myself say, nodding slightly but not as deep.

"Are the preparations completed?" I said. What preparations? I thought to myself but I didn't dwell on the subject, I didn't care anymore.

"As you said Shadow, everything is prepared." Shadow? So he was called Shadow?

Shadow nodded, whether in response to my thoughts or what Al'Drako told him was un clear. Shadow began to pace up and down slightly, he suddenly lifted his hand, releasing a burst of lightning. I heard someone cry out in pain and a few seconds later a Dwarf stumbled into the fire light, falling to him knees, clutching the burning mass of flesh that had been hit. Al'Drako went up to the Dwarf and placed a clawed hand upon his head, Al'Drako removed his hand and something seemed to be pulled out of the Dwarf's body. The Dwarf toppled over, his eyes blank.

Al'Drako watched the captured spirit, it was in the shape of the Dwarf and was pulsating a yellow colour. Al'Drako lifted a hand to his scarf and pulled the swirling mass down, his mouth was horrible, it was a crudely cut line that hand been sown together by a white thread. He opened his mouth and the stitches stretched painfully, his mouth was lined with blood red teeth that were wickedly sharp. Al'Drako lifted the spirit that he held up and tipped his head back, the spirit hung above his mouth before he glanced towards Shadow, I felt myself nod slightly and Al'Drako dropped the spirit into his mouth gulping. He turned back and I watched as the stitches pulled tighter together, he replaced his scarf and glanced at the dead body.

Al'Drako moved towards it but Shadow lifted his hand and shot a burst of lightning,

"No! I want to keep the body... It could be useful." Al'Drako nodded and resided into the darkness. I knew that he left for the darkness surrounding us also crept away slowly.

I watched as Shadow made me go up to the body, he flexed my hand and I saw my fox claws appear. Shadow knelt down next to the body and put his hand over the heart, nails pointing down wards like a blade. I watched in horror as he pierced the skin and reached his hand inside, I felt him grip the still heart of the dwarf. Blood was running out of the wound and I felt like I was going to be sick. I wanted to scream.

Shadow smiled and I suddenly felt him swap places with me, I blinked once, confused and then I felt the blood and the heart that sat in my hand. I screamed, I pulled out my hand and backed away from the body, blood pooled around the still body and I felt my whole body shaking. I looked down at my hand again and saw blood covering it. I screamed again, tears streamed down my face.

Shadow laughed in the back of my mind and then I was sick. I began to sob and curled myself up into a tight ball, how could he do that? What was he? How could he be so evil?

The blood hardened on my hand but I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't stop the horror that had occurred in front of me.

The End

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