One Shot.Mature


I had to get away. I didn't want Al'Rean's sorrow because I didn't deserve it but it seemed determined to follow me. No matter how far I ran, it clung to me; refusing to let go. I growled in frustration and lashed out: hitting a tree. The bark grazed and cut my fist but I didn't feel it. I kept lashing out, hitting and kicking, venting my annoyance at the tree, until I was too weary to continue and all my frustration had left me.

I leaned against the tree, panting, and my forehead protested as the wood dug into my flesh.

"Sorry," I whispered and lightly touched the tree with a bleeding hand. Then, with a sigh, I pushed myself away and began to wander through the woods aimelessly; running over all that had happened to me since my arrival in this world.

"So I've been bombarded with pain and death of nature, attacked the evil cow who's suppose to be my half-sister, been attacked by the one I love, spoken to Nature's physical form, been given a cryptic message and finally hurt myself by attacking a tree. Speaking of, Zuri, your hands are still bleeding," I muttered out loud to myself. I stared at my hands as I watched them heal. If only all my wounds healed as easily and quickly. 

I hate you, you know.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't dare sleep because I feared the nightmares that constantly haunted me but I had little else to do.

He needs you, the leaves whispered. I hung my head in shame because I had no need to ask who 'he' was but I was bound by the debt I owed. How I knew he needed me and I needed him but I couldn't go to help him.

... wouldn't have abandoned me.

I gritted my teeth. Perhaps I could help him. Was it possible that I could send Nature to comfort him? If the agreed payment wouldn't allow it then at least I'd know I'd tried. The payment was to sever our friendship. I wasn't allowed to be his friend but did that mean I couldn't be his 'Guardian'?

He needs you. I sighed. I'd give it one shot and it would either work or wouldn't. Maybe because he didn't want my help meant it wouldn't work unless he was in a weak moment. That was it! I'd keep trying until there was a weak moment when he'd feel Nature comforting him. It might be a while until there was a crack in his defence but I was determined to try.

The End

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