Haunted DreamMature

"Little One!" I opened my eyes slowly, I was drifting in a never ending darkness. I had gotten used the the emptiness of my dreams, 'they' wanted to cut me off and so have even cut of my dream world. I was truly alone, I lived in a nightmare and now I dream in a Nightmare. I closed my eyes again, praying that I would wake up soon, knowing that the voice wasn't real.

"Little One! Where are you?" I snapped my eyes open again, I knew that voice!


"Ah! Little One! Where are you?" He added quietly, muttering, "And where am I?"

I couldn't help it I chuckled, it felt so alien, when was the last time I had laughed? The last time had been with Zuri but that was before I knew she would desert me... leave me.

"Oh what have they done to you Little One?" Al'leako said sadly, I flinched and tried to move forward in the swirling mass of darkness. I wanted to see someone, I wanted someone to help me get through the Shadow I had become. Something grabbed my wrist and I felt claws sink into my skin, I cried out in pain looking down. There was a humanoid creature that looked like a shadow gripping onto my arm, sickly yellow eyes watched me un blinking.

"Little One! What's wrong?" I tried to move forward but another humanoid melted out of the darkness and tried to pull me back.

"No! Let me go!" I yelled trying to shake the creature off me, their claws cut deeper into my skin, going through it like butter. They pulled me back into the darkness, their claws digging deeper,

"Al'leako! Al'leako, help me! Please! I can't take it anymore! Make it stop!" I felt tears fall down my cheek.

"Little One! What's happening? Little-" I woke with a jolt, Ice was standing in front of me. She stroked my cheek, wiping away the tears that fell down my cheek.

"Oh, did that mean old bird try to talk to you? I can't let you do that you might try to leave." She smiled at me and ran her hand across my arms, pain shot through them and I gasped.

"Don't make me hurt you." She dug her nails futher into the wounds that I had gotten from the dream, I cried out in pain and tried to pull away but she just held on tighter.

"No more seeing that bird! Got it?" I gasped and nodded. She smiled like nothing had happened,

"Oh my. Look at those wounds, let me heal them." I tried to move away but she grabbed my wrists and put a her cold hand on them, smiling. A cold shiver swept through my body and I tried to move away again, she kept her grip and didn't let go until the wounds were healed to mere scars.

"Just so that you remember what'll happen if you do that again." She smiled sweetly. The shadows that haunt my dreams live in my reality too there was nothing to save me, I would never wake from this nightmare.

The End

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