Mazany: HateMature

"Zuri" I opened my eyes slightly, wincing in pain and saw a figure standing a few feet away from us. Zuri. She didn't see me, as she turned to leave I felt a shift in nature. My link to Ice compeled me to say something but it was too late, the multitude of elements hit Ice. However the pain that Ice would have felt were instead directed towards me, I fell hard onto the stone cold rock, gasping in pain.

Why would Zuri attack me? She left you... she's now your enemy. He said in my mind, I nodded. Zuri attacked me, she was my enemy. No... A voice said at the back of my mind but Ice moaned at that instant,

"She attacked you Little Fox Demon. She doesn't care about you, she tried to kill you. Why not go make her pay?" I had to listen, I had to follow. I felt anger build up inside of me, Zuri had attacked me and Ice. I felt myself shift into my fox form and I raced after Zuri. A red streak against the dull colours of the forest.

Zuri wasn't too far ahead of me and I soon caught up with her, I growled. She spun round and stared at me,

"Zuri..." I snarled, I felt so angry and it scared me.

"Maz...?" I snarled at her again,

"Don't call me that!" She looked at me, pity showing on her face.

"I don't want your pity!!" I yelled at her. I felt fire dance across the tip of my tails.

"Maz-" I growled. "Mazany! Please don't!" I didn't listen, I tackled Zuri and pinned her to the ground. I felt nature shift slightly and I doged a gust of wind. Jumping back a few steps, I flicked my tail and balls of fire appeared infront of me. I spun round and hit the little fire balls at Zuri, she created a screen of water. The water dispersed, falling across Zuri and getting her completely soaked. I laughed cruely,

"Water. Seriously? Don't you remember the other element I control?" I felt the fire morph into electricity. I launched a small voltage at Zuri and watched as she crumpled to the ground. I walked slowly over to her. Her face was twisted in pain as she looked up at me, my heart hurt so badly. I lifted a paw and pushed gently down on her stomach,

"I could kill you. Right now, all I have to do is let the electricity free..." I said sadly,

"Why didn't you fight me Zuri? Do you think you're too high above me to use your powers? Like you thought when you left me." Zuri opened her mouth but I snapped,

"NO! You left me! Like everyone else did... You left me when I needed you the most! You left 'them' to over run me!" I took my paw off her and turned to leave, I paused.

"I hate you, you know" I whispered, I knew that hurt her. I knew that cut deeper then any wound but she deserved it. "I thought we were friends." I said to quiet for her to hear. I moved forward again and I heard Zuri sob,

"This is her fault, Mazany. Please believe me. Watch out for her." I glanced back over my shoulder and said,

"Don't act like to care, if you cared you wouldn't had of abandoned me" With that I ran back into the forest leaving Zuri to feel the pain of my words.

Yes... I hate her.

The End

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