Mazany: ChangeMature

I watched without compassion as the creature in front of me begged for it's life, a simple tree sprite that needed to be disposed of. I lifted my hand and watched as lightning danced between the tips of my fingers,

Do it! She whispered in my mind, I nodded and let the lightning live my fingers. The tree sprite let out a scream of pain, and I watched as her body twitched from the currents that ran through her. Her body stopped jerking and I let go of the power, my tails twitched. It had been a year now, a year since Zuri left me. A year for 'them' to gain control, I had five tails now.

"And so you die." I whispered at the dead tree sprite. I felt arms wrap themselves around me, I didn't struggle as I felt lips touch the back of my neck. Blue hair fell across my shoulders and I felt someone put their hand in mine a drag me towards the trees.

Guilt rose up and I glanced back towards the tree sprites dead body. Zuri would hate me for doing that. Anger rose up into the pit of my stomach, Zuri left me. She had left me alone at the time that I needed her the most, she had left me with 'him' in my mind and 'her' manipulating me. I didn't care what I did, I didn't care what pain I caused. Why should I be the only one to feel pain?

We stopped at a cave and the woman pulled me inside, she made me lay down on the cold stone floor and opened my shirt. I watched her as she began to mix herbs together, her light blue hair was tucked behind her ears and her ice blue eyes watched the bowl as she mixed the herbs together. She stopped mixing and walked over to me, she dipped a hand in the bowl and took out some of the black paste. Kneeling down she drew a pattern on my chest, pain rippled through my body and I screamed out in pain.

The woman clamped a hand over my mouth and carried on drawing on my chest with the paste, I felt my body convulse and my screams where muffled through her hand. Yes, I would make sure that everyone went through the same pain that I did? I would make everyone pay. The woman smiled and a cold chill swept through my body.

This was all Zuri's fault. The one person I had trusted the most had let me down. She had left me to suffer, yes it was all Zuri's fault.

The End

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