Truth And LiesMature

Slowly I stretched my hand out wincing slightly as the skinstretched, sighing I looked up again at what a couple of hours ago had been abattle field. After I had fainted it seemed Ice had tended to the worst of myinjuries.

“Pup…puppet” I seemed to have difficulty forming the words. Thatwas what Ice had said my name was, it seemed familiar somehow but every time Itried to reach for any memories I can across a, with no better words todescribe it, a black wall. I peeled back the bandaged slightly intrigued to seewhat damage had been caused, from an incident that I could hardly remember,when a hand grabbed mine. I jumped and looked up to see Ice, in some ways I wasrelieved, I woke up with no past memories but at least I had someone who seemto care for me and knew me.

“Don’t you undo the work I did” Ice said tenderly, gently pullingthe bandage back into position. I frowned getting the feeling that Ice wasn’tbeing her true self; I gave myself a mental shake chiding myself for thinkingsuch negative things of the person who helped me.

“Why were you being chased?” I asked looking around at thesurrounding bodies, Ice followed my gaze and for a second her gaze seemed toget distant. I shuffled slightly, “Um…Ice?”

For a second I thought I saw a smile cross Ice’s face butthen it was gone like it was never there, “You don’t remember…” She lookedashamed, “Oh of course, I’m sorry… Pup,” Pup?A nickname? Maybe we were close… I looked at her, she was quite beautifulactually but seemed to be quite a bit older than me, I shook my head, both atthe thought and at her statement,

“Oh it’s OK, I’m just glad that you found me. H-how doyou know me?” I asked wanting to know more.

“Oh, well… I kind of saved you…” She looked away whichconfused me since I couldn’t see her face.

“You saved me? From what?”

“Not what but who. I…I well saved you from my sister,my sisters a horrid pixie who wanted you to be her dog! I couldn’t let that happen.” She pulled me into a hug. Istiffened, an unpleasant sensation running up my spine. Why was a repelled? Whydid I seem to distrust her? Ice pulled back and gave me a confused look,

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh… Oh nothing!” I blushed slightly, feeling bad fordoubting Ice. “Who is your sister? Why did she want me?” I asked confused.

“Oh it’s horrible, Pup! She wants to take over the Pixie kingdom and even made you hurt papa!” I blinked in shock.

“I-I’m sorry…” Ice gave me a kind smile,

“It wasn’t your fault, it’s my horrid sister’s doing! Sheplaced a spell on you, I tried my best to remove it… me and a friend.”

Friend?” I asked carefully looking around, not sensinganother presence.

“Oh yes! His name is Shadow! I’m afraid that to stop mysister from controlling you he has to share your body until we find a more… ‘effective’cure. I hope you understand.” For some reason every nerve in my body wastelling me not to trust her but I shook off the feeling.

“Sharing my body?” I blinked confused and then gasped as Ifelt another presence in me. It was like a heavy blanket had settled over myhead, Yes Puppet, we share a body I hope you allow me to stretch my legs from time to time? The voice sounded slickand menacing but I couldn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t allow someone whowas trying to protect me the freedom that I was taking from them. “Oh…ofcourse.” I murmured. It felt as if Shadow smiled, which was surreal since hewas only an essence.

“So who is your sister?”

“Oh her. Her nameis Zuri and she is dangerous.”

The End

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