Mazany: BlankMature

Drifting... Someone's talking to me.


Can't talk.

Who am I?

He comes again, I draw away as I feel his oily presence drift inside me.

She'll save me. I frown to myself... Who will save me? I feel a chill down my spine and see a woman kneeling in front of me, she strokes my cheek gently, blue hair spilling around her. I stare at her... she says something... I don't respond...

She raises her hand.

It comes down.

I fall.

I will free you from Ice, I promise...


As soon as I can I will come find you....

Please come soon...

You know what happened...

Save me.

When you close your eyes... It becomes more frightening...

I don't care...

Something brushed against my mind, dark and cold, black and full of sickness.
What do you hide demon...

I don't reply, something flickers through my mind, something warns me to stop thinking about it.

The presence leaves in disgust and I'm looking through my eyes again, someone is carrying me, blue hair is tickling my nose. We are running, people follow behind, an arrow wizzes past and catches the womans shoulder. I cry out in pain, almost as if I was the one hit, the woman smiles at me,

"You're not yet out of my control Fire Fox," I blink tears from my eyes,

"Who am I?" I feel as if I'm in a dream, everything seems to stretch, I realize I'm going to faint.

"You... You are a Shell... Puppet." I hear the woman laugh as blackness swarms around me.


Something cold touches my cheek,

"Wake up, I need you," I open my eyes and see the woman looking down at me, I hear footsteps around us,

"Kill them my Fire Fox, kill them." I sit up, something is telling me not to,

"Why?" I say to both the woman... and to myself...

"Who am I?" I say to her,

"You belong to me, you are nothing, you protect me!" I feel myself nod, something cold is spreading through me.

"Kill them, they are trying to harm me. You live for Ice... remember?" Something is screaming at me, telling me not to listen but I can't resist the cold mist inside me.

I get up and walk out into the open, creature appear in front of me... Pixies. That something is pulling at me again but I ignore it and feel myself shift,

"Stop you demon!!" One of the pixies yell at me, raising a bow and arrow at me.

I flex my claws in the ground, something feels wrong, he's back... urging me to kill them.

Before I even realize it the Pixie who was aiming his weapon at me was beneath my claw, he's arm obviously broken, fear fills his eyes as he cries for mercy...

Save me... No don't kill...

I raise my claw and bring it down, I watch as the life leaves his eyes. I hear the other pixies gasp and clinks as they bring out their weapons. One shouts,

"You monster!!" And the rest is a blur.

Arrows tear at my skin but hardly do any damage. At one point a sword slashes across my front leg and I howl in fury, fire surrounds me and cries burst out as those around me catch on fire.

Thunder heads appear and I hear someone yell,

"Retreat!! FOR THE LOVE OF NATURE RETREAT!!!!!!!" That's when the lightning starts, tongues rain down, hitting various Pixies that are scrambling to get away.

I turn and leave, I walk back over to where the woman waits, out of the sight of the attackers... Ice.

I falter slightly but I am not allowed to rest, I have to do what Ice tells me.

I falter again and limp forward. I collapse in front of Ice.

I will free you from Ice, I promise...

Come for me soon, otherwise I don't know what will happen,

As soon as I can I will come find you....

Come for me...



The End

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