The Period of DarknessMature

The sequel to 'Equal Guardians'


It's been a year since the day of the last payments and I still feel pain twist through me whenever I think about it.

I'd shut myself off completely. I could barely force myself to eat and I probably got an hour of sleep every night. I hardly ever felt anything and I rarely spoke. I rarely came out of my room to speak and I never, ever, left the Pixie World. I didn't want there to be any chance of even glimpsing him. I didn't think I was strong enough to endure that.

I wondered if he ever thought about me. I tried not to think about him but when there were few distractions I couldn't help it. I wondered how he was. Had he gained some tails? How had he changed? Did he have some new friends? Did he still get into as much trouble now as he used to before... I generally stop thinking about him at that point.

After a while, the pain lessened. It didn't fade entirely but enough for me to try and find myself again.

I still didn't speak and my feelings were like faint echos of what I used to be capable of but I began to eat again and leave the house. I'd resolved myself to develop the Elements because I'd realised that I had to become more powerful after the fight between my father's daughter and I.

I didn't think of her as a part of my family anymore. After all she's done to me I can never think of her as family. I even still hold a grudge against Father after The Argument.

Anyway, I can now use all the Elements thanks to my self-training. I know it's not enough though. I have to leave the Pixie World because I need to find the Element Phoenixes. I'd only ever met two Al'Leako and Al'Teal, the Space and Earth phoenixes. Al'Leako had taught me all he could but when I'd met Al'Teal we'd been under difficult circumstances and she'd been unable to teach me much.

I'd refused to face it for a long time now but I couldn't any longer. It had been a year and now it was time for me to return to the other world. I wouldn't get anywhere if I didn't and I had to face my fear.

My fear of having to see the one I love, the one I'd abandoned...


The End

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