The Peril of the Party

I wake up and I’m blind.

Okay, not blind, it’s just the light poking my eyeballs a bit too roughly. The morning sun through white curtains. Wonderfully picturesque. But I don’t have white curtains. I don’t have any curtains, I have newspaper, blue tacked to paper thin glass, overlooking a busy motorway. This morning, I’m overlooking grass, I even think there’s a cow, or something similar, lurking at the bottom of the field.

I wonder where the hell I am.

Wait! I remember a party, with some people, some shouting, a lot of booze… I don’t remember much after a bottle of Jack D. All things considered, I actually feel quite refreshed, I’m thinking that’s probably due to the air outside London.

Wait! How far outside London? I really need to find out where I am. I quickly scan the room for my shoes, it’s massive, with many items of furniture that, to a drunken me, would seem like a great place to tuck my heels under.

With an overdramatic sigh, I get down on all fours and search under the furniture. As I look under the huge bed, the door opens slowly. I force myself under the bed and find my heels with my ribcage. I did squeak, but luckily a male voice spoke at that exact minute.

“She’s not in here.” A heavy footed pair of boots clumped over to the open window. “She’s got out.” A second pair of boots stomped over, but a female voice spoke next.

“She’s not gone out the window. It’s three stories.” There seemed to be an awkward pause. The male cleared his throat, but the female spoke. “You know what’s gone on Reg.”

“I know nothing, and, best off all round, you don’t either.”

“You said you were asleep for about two hours. I bet it was longer. She’s got out Reg. Right under your stupid pot-smoking nose.”

“Shut up your face love. That’s my advice.” The bigger boots took a step towards the smaller boots.

“What we gonna tell ‘em Reg? That she disappeared into thin air?” The female sounded worried.

“Why not? They already think she’s some occult whatever. Maybe she did just disappear. She didn’t get out through that door on my shift, that’s all you or I know.”

“I don’t think they’re gonna believe...”

“Were not paid to think Rosie. Now lets get this reported. Your shift’s just started.” The four boots stomp towards the door.

As the big boots march off down the corridor, the smaller boots stop for a moment, and the leg bends as if to crouch down. My heart freezes, there is literally no escape. If she looks under here she’ll look me right in the eye.

The End

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