Days of Laughter

Mobeen thought himself to be the luckiest person in the world. He did not think he was the

kind of person who was going to ever settle down but Zarrish was not like anyone he had met

before. She completely transformed him ­ and he let her. She put up a very strong front in

order to counter the judgmental society but he knew inside she was broken. He knew

everyone around them thought he was with her to fulfill his lust , how could a handsome

young man like him who could have anyone he wanted

be with a cripple they said, but he didn't care, he was not going to bang his head against a

wall of social stigmas, he was going to live his life with Zarrish and not give a damn about the

rest of the world and so he did, a life full of joy and new experiences, days filled with so much

laughter that it hurt to laugh anymore. Until finally a day came when it actually did hurt to even

think of those days of laughter, because after that day Mobeen never laughed again.

The End

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