Zarrish could not believe this was happening. She couldn't imagine how anyone could be so

happy, it seemed unreal and she felt that at any moment she will wake up to find out it was only a dream. She had always had

people look at her with either lust because of her beauty or pity because of her handicap.

Mobeen showed her neither of the two, he was genuinely in love with her and it showed with

his each action. She too had fallen for him head over wheelchair as she liked to say. It had

not been easy, she had been suspicious of his real intentions, she had learned from an early

age there were predators everywhere waiting to take advantage of an innocent looking girl

who was handicapped, the ones who had dared to make the mistake of showing such an

intent had suffered greatly as she was not the one to take anything from anyone laying to speak. However she had quickly realized Mobeen had a pure heart, she had seen

his kind before though, the hopeless romantics who did not realize the pain they were leaving

behind when they moved on, but there was something different about him. He had managed

to break through her defenses with his honesty. He had laid himself bare in front of her and

hidden nothing. She had tested him numerous times but had finally given in to her and his heart's desire. The first time they made love, she was sure he would be gone in the morning.

But he had stayed, for that morning and for many more. Slowly she let her armor down

completely, letting him in to her heart and soul just as he had let her in his.

The End

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