Love at first sight

Mobeen ran across the debris and mangled cars trying to pinpoint the source of the scream.

Through the haze and smoke he saw someone trapped under a wheelchair in front of what

was once Benazir's Kulfa. He ran through the bodies lying around and reached the woman whose face he couldn't yet see as it was covered with dirt and her hair. With a heave he

picked the wheelchair and threw it aside, He placed her head on his lap and with his sleeve

he wiped her face, her grey eyes fluttered and looked at him trying to focus on his face. Even

in all the chaos and terror Mobeen realized he had never in his life seen a more beautiful face.

Maybe it was that he had still not come out of the shock but in that instant with Zarrish's head

on his lap, screams and sirens blaring all around him Mobeen fell in love with her ­ completely

and utterly.

The End

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