Benazir's Kulfa

Zarrish had been enjoying Benazir's Kulfa ­ a sweet ice cream like local delicacy situated right

next to the flower shops Mobeen was making his purchase at. She had just finished her daily

routine of spending an hour at the Gulberg park nearby reading her book and listening to the

latest Coke Studio tracks. When she had wheeled herself at Benazir's Chacha Ghulam there

had greeted his regular customer and had her special Kulfa ready. The last bite of the Kulfa

had given her a brain freeze as she had gulped it down greedily and she had closed her eyes

in pain ­ and then opened them again when she felt a very different kind of pain. The blast

had knocked her out of her wheelchair and slammed her across the car parked in front of her.

The wheelchair and fallen on top of her and she was pinned underneath it. She could hear

someone screaming from a distance, a heart wrenching scream of pain. She tried to get the

wheelchair off her to try to help the person screaming until she realized the scream was

coming from her.

The End

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