Bouquet of Tragedy

Mobeen had been getting flowers from the line of shopkeepers across the road for Mrs.

Nasreen who was his math professor's wife and his latest "soul mate" when the blast

happened. In slow motion Mobeen saw the Kiosk along with the nearby parked cars go up a

hundred feet in the air while at the same time he felt himself being picked up in the air and

thrown against the shop at his back. There was silence. Mobeen's brain in a state of shock

was confused as to why was there pin drop silence. He opened his eyes only to see the blue

sky ­ so peaceful and tranquil, the white clouds floating across it like giant balls of cotton.

Mobeen felt as if he had never been more at peace than at that moment ­ that is until his ears

returned to their normal functioning and he heard the piercing scream of Zarrish.

The End

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