Fate Plays Its Games

The car was old and non descript. One of the thousands that were in Lahore. It was parked on

the corner of Liberty Market right next to the new police kiosk set up a week ago for extra

vigilance. Sergeant Abuzar assigned to the kiosk had called in every possible favour to get

assigned here. The kiosk had its perks as it was in the middle of the go­to shopping

destination for the women of Lahore. There was no shortage of free "supplies" of food and

other items from nearby shopkeepers eager to please the "police­wala". Abuzar was sitting

with his feet up on the balcony, balancing a plate of free bryani on his ample tummy enjoying

the view of the sea of active shoppers when the car at the back of kiosk exploded. A small

piece of the plate was later found 900 Meters away at the edge of the crater left by the car


The End

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