She wiped her mouth elegantly ­ with her sleeve. Zarrish was like that, full of contradictions.

She could be jubilant about something sad, she could be outspoken while being an introvert,

she could be strong willed as bull while appearing completely gullible. Unlike Mobeen this was

not an innate feature of her personality. She had over the course of her youth built this

persona because she enjoyed how it annoyed others and how it often provoked the Pakistani

mindset forcing people around her to offer unsolicited advice and show their annoyance...or

not. It's hard to be annoyed at someone as beautiful as Zarrish. Her grey rimmed eyes, the

tousled dark auburn hair on a face that was in perfect symmetry. Her high cheekbones and

luscious lips made her seem like a face right out of Vogue. Her complexion was the perfect

shade not too dark yet not too pale kind of what you get when you order a cup of Mocca at

Gloria Jeans and the barrista makes it perfect to the tee. Her voice was sensuous and teasing

at the same time. She had a figure that would make the most confident woman jealous.

Zarrish was beautiful, like a greek goddess ­ the complete package except one thing ­ the

package had to be large enough to fit her wheelchair.

The End

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