Ali's father Mobeen Bajwa had not always been the hopeless drunk he was now. In his youth

he had been a dashing young man with a natural charisma who wound up being the center of

attraction regardless of where he went. He was kind hearted and warm with a knack for

making new friends as effortlessly as it was for others to fade in to anonymity. He was a

hopeless romantic who would wear his heart on his sleeve and fall in love twice a day

sometimes. He couldn't be categorized as a flirt ­ it was just his nature. And ofcourse it didn't

help that coupled with his innate charm he was a magnet for women ­ of all ages. In his

twenties Mobeen was more than once involved with older women, some his neighbours,

some teachers and some total strangers. He was quite content with his lifestyle jumping from

one relationship to another (even if it was a one night stand it was never his intention as he

got involved with every woman with the feeling she was his soul mate) until the 14th of

November 2006 ­ when he met Zarrish.

The End

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