The Perfect Place (prt2)Mature

Nice, very nice, people so derelict in their duties.  He didn't understand thier diagnosis,  he did like being known as the pyromaniac though, Pyromaninan would have been better.

Tonight, it would be something small.  He walked along, nostrils flaring, sniffing the air.. He was in his element, "night" 

Something small... He came upon the building by accident, actually he'd been looking for a small apartment building or some new construction.. but, this would be fine, his breathing became ragged, his eyes closed as the red glow filled the night, he became erect, sweat beaded his forehead and nose.

There was nothing like it, pure, clean, total immersion by fire, he groaned and caught onto the tree as he realeased.  Tears ran from his eyes and he thanked the Creator for the gift, the gift of fire...

Now, his date with Amanda..

The End

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