The Perfect PlaceMature

Night, dark, rich, full of possibilities.. He loved the night, he was one with the night. He hugged the walls of the building. Sliding along, his cloak of invisibility insured his melting into the shadows.

It was cold and he walked briskly through the park. Amanda had told him he shouldn't go through the park, at night, alone. She meant well, but, she didn't understand how it felt, how free it was.. The knowing that danger was just right there, gave him chills, gave him a sense of power, that she could never understand.

He walked on, as he did every night, never knowing his exact destination but the feeling was coming to him, the sensation climbed his spine, he began to breathe hard, the beads of sweat gathered on his top lip, he became erect. This was it.. Perfect..

Amanda wiped the back of her neck with the towel. She sat on the stationary bike and caught her breath. This was her time, sunrise, beautiful. The time before the toxic gasses escaped from the cars and other forms of modern day life. The time she could watch the sun come up and see all it's glory, without interruption. She cocked her head to the side to hear the jay sing. It was pristine. She sat until the sun had escaped from the horizon and was sending long rays into the room.. She turned on the news.

Another fire, three people had died, who would do such a thing? She watched as they showed the remains of what had been an apartment, the people that had died had been elderly. She listened.. That was close to the park.. That was why she always told him not to go out alone, Suppose he would have run into the maniac that had set the fire.

The dinner with Amanda had been nice, but he needed to be free, he needed to escape the binds that held him in the day, night was his time.. He would walk until he found the perfect place.. His phone rang, smiling, he told her, he was fine. He told her, there was no one there and, as an after thought, he remarked to her, how beautiful the river was at night.

And there it was, oh god, it was soooo beautiful, he felt the sensation, he felt himself get hard, he made little sounds, no one knew how good it felt, no one knew the power, no one knew the sweet sweet release. He closed his eyes and sighed..

She was in a rush this morning, late, she was never late. She grabbed her keys off the little table in the hall.. and stopped short.

Another one? A tract of houses, dear god, five people dead, two of them children. She sat on the couch, turned it up louder. One elderly woman and a family of four. Fire was so hot, it had caused the tires on one car to melt. It had been in the wee hours of the morning, the fire had spread fast, but, an accelerant had been used, poured around strategic areas, basically making escape impossible. Who could do that!

And then, she covered her mouth and her eyes filled with tears.. The river, the houses had been close to the river.. Her mouth was dry, she couldn't swallow, she shook her head, it couldn't be, no.. She recalled, five fires, an industrial warehouse fire, two dead, a residential neighborhood, one dead, near the park, three dead and the river, four dead.. Five fires, ten people, he had been walking.. she picked up the phone..

That had to be the strangest dinner he'd ever had, Amanda had been quiet, to say the least. He'd asked about her day, she hadn't even answered him.. she'd been jumpy.. if she walked with him, she would be so relaxed..The thought made him smile Amanda walking with him, he wondered if she would let him make love to her when they came to the perfect place..the thought made him excited and he didn't want that just yet, no he would walk until he arrived at the perfect place.

He was breathing hard, staring into the little fire when someone grabbed him from behind. He screamed obscenities at them, why were they intruding? Why were they here? Noooo!..He screamed and thrashed, he tried to bite the officer, he saw Amanda, he screamed at her, telling her he was about to invite her to walk with him. He cried as the fire fighters put out the fire..

She felt tired, the shock had drained her and she wanted to take a pill and sleep. All the people he had killed. The thought of him touching her made her gag..

He was dying, the restraints they had on him, didn't allow him to breathe, he needed the night. The nurse walked in with his pills. he pretended like he was asleep, the crazy bitch put the pill in her pocket. He was glad she had been derelict in her duties cause, if she hadn't, she would surely have noticed the loose straps.

Working the other straps, he was able to slide his arms out of the jacket, his freedom was close.. Maybe he would go by and have dinner with Amanda...yes and take her for a walk, to a perfect place.

The End

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