Sophie: The Devil's PictureMature

Sophie went to her house hastily. This moving picture had scared her. She had heard of it once before. Only once. She was a superstitious young lady, so she had vowed never to be involved with such a picture. 

The web page had told her about 'The Devil's Picture'. The Devil had taken every bad soul and trapped it in the picture. But there was one problem. You can't show a soul without a body. So the Devil had taken the bodies of people who had recently died, and used these bodies to show the souls. But people had been mistaking this for a curse, and had started to be buried with holy water, and crosses. People found the pictures and destroyed them. So the Devil had gone further...

Sophie had stopped reading at this point, so as not to scare herself more. So she had not read that the Devil had started to take the bodies of living people, and leaving their souls to wonder around the earth in search for the bodies of people who's souls had been taken. Anyone who called the picture by the Devil's name would have either their soul or their body taken. So the picture had been renamed 'The Perfect Picture'.

The End

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