Rose: Inside a PictureMature

A tiger wandered across the scene. Alyssa petted it. Rose was so glad that Alyssa was good with animals otherwise she would have screamed and ran. After a while, a boy that Molly would call a 'chav' came into the picture. Rose, however, didn't believe in words like that. She thought it wasn't very nice to give a name t a certain group of people just because of what they were like. The boy started smoking. Rose looked down at the still-smoking cigarette ends in disgust. She hated people smoking. And she hated litter. Putting them both together just made it worse. And to top all that off, Alyssa seemed to know the boy.

"Stephen?" she breathed. The boy grinned and nodded.

"Who else? What is this place? Are these the twins you were on about?" he said. Rose stepped forwards.

"Hello, I'm Rose, and that's my sister Molly" she said, holding out her hand. Stephen shook it.

"Nice to meet you Rose" he breathed in her face. Rose tried not to cough but failed. She was breathing in the smoke. She looked over at Molly who didn't look too happy about this boy either. The boy and Alyssa sat down and started talking. Rose started walking over to Molly but when she was halfway there she suddenly couldn't move any more. She tried and tried but she just could not move at all. The only thing she could move were her eyes. She moved them forwards so that she was looking out of the picture. The woman was there again, staring in. She gasped when Rose's eyes moved.

The End

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