Alyssa: Stephen?Mature

Alyssa's head was throbbing. Her Father was The Lord of Souls and now, the background of what she could only assume to be the painting they were in was changing. They were no longer at the Princes summer house, waiting for the prince to make his appearance, now they were in a safari-type scene. Alyssa felt like crying, she missed her home. All she had wanted to do was see the prince and talk to him. She'd been in love with him since she could remember, and they were the same age. She just wanted to walt with him, and now, she never could. A tear fell down her cheek as rain drops began to fall from the sky.

Molly was sitting on the ground, pouting, with a dirt stain on her dress, while Rose was leaning against a tree, also pouting. If they weren't in such a sticky situation, then Alyssa would've laughed. Earlier, a tiger had creeped around the tree that Rose was leaning on, but it hadn't done anything. Alyssa had always been good with animals, and this tiger was no different. It came to her and nuzzled it's snout against her leg. She smiled and pet its head. An animal could make you happy any day.

Just then, Alyssa heard a noise behind her.

"Oof! Damn, what the hell is this?" It was a boy, Alyssa could tell. She turned and gasped.

"Stephen?" she breathed. The boy looked exactly like Prince Stephen, her crush. Same black hair, same blue eyes. Alyssa saw him quirk an eyebrow when she'd said Stephen, just like the Prince would've done. Her hand stopped on the tiger's head and she stared at the boy with the baggy jeans and T-Shirt with the word "Spike" on it. Had her father trapped her Stephen too?

The End

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