Time to goMature

There was a arkward silence- while they thought about weather it could be a myth or not.

" You wanna cup  of tea soph?" Asked Debbie

"No thanks, Deb." said sophie politly, Sophie knew that Debbie was a little scared and did not want her to go, but she had some things to take care of. debbie looked at her, disopointed "i'm really sorry love but you know that I have to go and sort things out- it is getting late, do you mind."

" Cant you stay the night? " Asked Debbie "Please?" Sophie felt tempted to stay with her poor friend, but she really HAD to go! She shook her head, got up, and went out the door with a wave.

"It is getting late, isn't it." She said to herself with a fake laugh. Then the clock struck twelve ( It was late!) She was sudenly drawn to the picture. IT HAD MOVED AGAIN! Debbie let out a qiuck, sharp screem. The tiger had moved to one of the girls sat on a rock and she had began stroking it, another person had gone into the picture, it was a teenager , a bit chavy really- with baggy jeans half way down his bum, and a top that said spike on it, black  hair wiped back with red highlights, and deziner trainers. The other two girls were looking up at him, one eyebrow raised- they seemed like they didn't really like him and wanted him to go, there were three ciggeret ends scattered on the floor, The girl who was stroking the tiger was looking down at them in discust, The picture had definatly moved. Debbie decided to go to bed- she decided this one because she was pretty tired from a long day and two because when she was littlle, if something had gone wrong in the day, or she was araid of something her mom always told her that everything would be fine in the morning. She made her way upstairs, and git into bed "Time to go, nightmare!" she said to herself, as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The End

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