Sophie: Myth?Mature


"Ahh! What's that!?" Sophie exclaimed even though she knew it was the alarm on Debbie's house going off.

"I's my alarm. Let me go and see what's happened" Debbie said, annoyed. While she was gone, Sophie scrutinized the picture. In the few hours she'd been there, a tiger had wandered it's way across the page. The girl in the blue dress now had a slight dirt stain down her front, and she was sitting on the yellowish grass, an agonized look on her face. The girl in the green dress was sitting on a rock, looking at the girl in the pink dress, who was leaning against the tree at the side of the picture. They appeared to be talking, and they looked worried. And Sophie could've sworn that there were now tiny drops of rain painted on it. And all this seemed to be happening while nobody was looking. Because every time Sophie and Debbie looked, the picture was completely still. Debbie came back in. "It was nothing. My ladder fell down" she said. And then she looked at the picture and sighed "It's amazing that we never actually see what's going on. I swear that they seem to be moving as if they really are in a safari"

"When I was little, my mum told me a story about a man that put evil souls in a picture" Sophie mused. "and then he accidentally started putting the souls of living people in it.... But it's just a myth. It couldn't really happen"

"Actually Soph" Debbie disagreed "I heard that one too. I'm beginning to wander if it really is a myth"

The End

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