The man known as Easy, waited for the postman to finish putting the letter through the post-box. He then walked up to the door of Debbie’s house. He rattled on the letter flap and rang the bell just in case. He already knew no-one was in, he’d been watching the house for the past hour. He pushed his hand through the letter box and felt around with his fingers, on the off chance that there maybe a key attached to a bit of string. Damn! Nothing! Why couldn’t life just be easy? Years ago everyone attached their spare key to a piece of string inside the letter flap making his job so much easier. “Oh well”, he thought, “more than one way to skin a monkey”. He bent down and looked through the letter box at the same time leaning heavily against the door hoping that it had one of those weak Yale locks. It didn’t budge.


He went to the window next to the front door and saw what he was after hanging on the sitting room wall. He summed up the painting with one thought, ‘boooooriiiiiing!’  . “What’s the big deal” he thought. “A picture of three girls holding hands! Wow-bloody-wee, My 11 year old daughter could do way better”


However his was not to reason why, his was just to do or die. The lounge also had a window at the back of the house. He made his around the side of the house and then quickly clambered over the fence into the back garden and peered through the back window to the lounge. “Uh” he exclaimed in surprise. “I coulda sworn those girls were holding hands” The back windows were barred and secured however the upstairs windows weren’t, and he smiled when he spotted a ladder lying on the grass in the back garden. Hah! Finally a bit of luck. This is gonna be easy.


He got the ladder and leant it against the wall. However as soon he got half way up the ladder an alarm went off so loud that it sounded like a plane taking off. “Shit!!!” He jumped off the ladder, jumped over the fence, scuttled down the road, got into his car and drove off. He punched some numbers into his mobile phone. A voice answered. “Hallo Easy! You got it?”  “Nah” replied Easy. “I gotta confess buv…this aint gonna be easy!”


The End

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