Sophie: PaintingMature

Sophie wandered through the art gallery. She had come here to buy but she'd gotten herself absorbed again. When she came to the sale, she found that the picture she was looking for was gone. See, yesterday, Sophie ahd come here and found a picture of three girls holding hands,each wearing identical safiari outfits, except one had a green T-shirt on, one had a pink one and the other had a blue one. Today, however, it had been replaced with a picture of the same three girls, and the same safari scene, but this time the girls were in party dresses. The dresses in question were the same colours as the girls' shirts had been.

Weird. I could have sworn the painting was different yesterday. Sophie thought. She watched people come and go as she wandered what she could buy now. Then she decided to buy this painting, as it was actually better than the one she had come for. But just as she made this decision, a woman came in and bought the picture. Well, that scuppers that. Sophie thought. Then, as the woman passed her, she could've sworn she recognised her. After that she decided to go home and as se walked the 3 miles, she got a call.


"Hi, it's Debby" Debby sounded worried

"Oh. Hi Debby. What's wrong?"

"I bought this painting about 10 minutes ago. But..."


"But, Sophie, it moves"


"It moves, please come" Debby begged

"OK. I'll be there in a sec" Sophie cut Debby off and ran to her house. 

The End

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