Alyssa: InsiderMature

Alyssa looked at her best friends. They were at the princes party, and everything was beautiful. Her dress was green, her favourite colour. She stood between her two friends, both wearing the same dress except one in Pink and one in Blue. Alyssa's dad was taking a picture of them and they stood beside each other, holding hands and laughing. The flash went off and Alyssa froze.

What the heak? she thought. She could only move her eyes and she saw her father start laughing manically, a throw-your-head-back cackle. The camera grew and morphed into a cane. Alyssa's thoughts were frantic and she was panicking. What was happening?

Her father's face morphed, changin into a gray skinned and wrinkled face of someone who had seen so many things. His eyes were fully black and his clothes were ripped and old-fashioned.

Dad? she thought.

I am not your father, the figure was projecting thoughts into her mind, I am the Lord of Souls. You are mine now, and you will live in my paintings, in my world. I hope you have fun.

The Lord of Souls poofed out of the air in front of Alyssa and her friends. She didn't know what to do, but she felt control come back to her body. The world in front of her wavered, and when it came into focus again, everything looked as if it were painted. She looked down at her dress, her shoes, her hands. Everything looked like a painting.

Alyssa was stuck in a world of brush strokes and colourful paint. A world where everyone could look in, but no one could look out. Her heart lurched in her chest as she realized just what she'd gotten herself into and she let her friends hands go and a frown came upon her face.

The End

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