The Perfect Picture

Teamwork is a magical art.

Paints flew  like colorful wings across my canvas. My fingers tingled as they let the bright colors spread threw the blankness. I could hear each color like harmonizing chimes and bells in my head. "Allie!" I heard a voice. It was Gwen, my younger sister.  "Can I help?" she asked sweetly. I shrugged. She smiled at me excitedly. "Goody!" She squealed, splattering paint over my perfectly colored canvas.

I didn't scream at her. I walked away. To me, this painting and every other one I had done was dirt, absolute trash. If painting was my passion then why did I like Gwen's splatter mess more than my perfect pictures, landscapes and portraits? "Ugly," I muttered to myself, "Absolutely terrible." I sighed deeply. "All done!" said Gwen excitedly, holding up the canvas. The painting was beautiful. My smooth lines and her bright, splattered colors blended in an odd, yet breathtaking picture.

Maybe somethings I couldn't do by myself. Maybe sometimes I needed help. Maybe Gwen and I should do this more often. Maybe it was just easier to judge myself and my own talent than it was to judge my sister's. Maybe I was striving for a perfection that didn't exist. All I knew that our teamwork had created something magical.

The End

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