The perfect pictureMature

When spirits are evil, they get banished to one picture by the Gods. Every evil sprit goes to the same picture. Suddenly, it all goes wrong

Debby Clarke was in town. She had just moved house, and she neeeded to buy something to put in her living room. After wondering for a while, she came to a picture gallery. Outside was a sign that said


Debby knew that this would probably be her only chance to get something, so she went inside. She was so absorbed in all the paintings on the wall that she almost forgot to buy one. She went to the reception desk

"Umm... are there paintings for sale here?" she asked the woman behind it. The woman nodded and pointed a room that had lots of pictures stacked around it. She went in, excpecting noit to know which one to buy, but one captured her attention immediately. It was a picture of three girls holding hands. Each one had an identical party dress except that each one was a different colour. Debby bought it and shoped aroung a bit after. Then she went home and hung up the painting. When she stepped back to admire it, she found that the girls were no longer holding hands..,.

The End

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