The Perfect Murder

George McSheffrey was your average dad. He had two children, who he thought were the most beautiful children in the world, as any dad would. He tried to treat his children to some luxuries, as any dad would. He did everything he could to get his children into the best possible educational position, as any dad would. He kept anything that he considered dangerous away from his children, as any dad would. Little did he know tha as soon as he stepped out of his front door, his life would change for the worse.

He stepped inside that evening, and said hello to his children and kissed his wife hello, as any dad would. He went upstairs and got changed into some more casual clothes instead of a suit, as any dad would. He came downstairs, had his dinner, then spent the evening watching television as any dad would. Then at roughly 11:30pm, he wandered up to bed with his wife, as any dad would. Except for he knew that he had done somthing sinister, inhumane and grotesque. But he didn't come out and confess about it, as any dad would. But he knew that he would always that burden on his shoulders, that would remind him that had killed a man with his own two hands. But no-one knew about it so why worry?


George didn't worry and assumed that his life would go on as normal, as any dad would. When the doorbell rang that afternoon, he just assumed it was his wife getting back from being out. He was not expecting what he saw. Two men were at the door with a pair of handcuffs and a badge each. Next things he knows, he is in a police car being taken to court to be sentenced of the murder of Steven Namberin. After two hours, he comes out of the courtroom and heads to the local prison, the place that will be his home for the next ten years.

So here's some advice don't do what George did. If you do something wrong, then come forward and admit it, do not hide away in a corner. Then it will only get so much worse


The End

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