The town continued to act strangely, and Hugh himself began feeling a little weird. He woke up with his vision blurry and his head in a fog, and the symptoms lasted for days. He found himself constantly having to guide his mother around their own house, as if she couldn’t find what it was she was looking for. The whole town seemed to stay indoors mostly, and they were all like Hugh’s mother, running into things and not being able to walk around by themselves. Five days after Hugh drank the potion himself, he had to stay in bed because his vision was so cloudy. He couldn’t explain what might have done it. Certainly not the crazy concoction, right?

On day six, Hugh woke up in complete darkness. Stumbling out of bed, he fumbled for where his candle and matches were. He grabbed the wax of the candle and quickly pulled his hand back as hot wax dripped onto his hand. The candle was lit.

“Mother? Mother!?” he cried.

“Hugh, dear? You’re not having any problems are you?

“Mother, I- I can’t see. The world is just black. Emptiness.”

“I know. Isn’t it wonderful?”

‘What!? You mean, this is what that potion did to us!? Blinded us!?” Hugh heard his mother stumbling through the house, crashing into objects until she finally made it to his room. She reached out a hand and searched for his, grabbing it tightly when she found it.

“It’s magnificent isn’t it? A whole town of people who can’t see… think of all the benefits! We’ll never have to see the poverty that used to lurk around every corner of our town. We won’t have any crime in a town of people who don’t have their vision. In fact, no one will ever base another on appearances, now. This is fantastic for us.”  A single tear slipped down Hugh’s check, and he reached up, trying to find it to wipe it away.

“Mother, you do realize we’ll never be able to enjoy things again. We’ll never see the sun, or be able to read books, or even see each other. All we can do is feel and hear. How will we even function without anybody to help us?” His mother quietly shushed him.

“It’s for the good of the town, Hugh. Our lives are perfect now.”

The End

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