The Perfect Life?


Now and then, what we have just doesn't seem like it's enough;

the richest man in the world can surround himself with items of great expense and still be the most unhappy person alive;

and yet a single mother living in what can only be described as a reinforced cardboard box with three children can feel happy when she sees the smile on her child's face.

This goes to show that it is not possesions that uphold our spirits but companionship.A man needs someone to talk to;

someone to just listen;

without this we cannot survive.


And so how is it that I come to be what I am? A man aged forty with a wife and a baby boy living in a house that I own with no financial problems whatsoever:

No bills;

No mortgage;

and yet I feel incomplete, as though there is something missing from my seemingly-perfect life .


How is this possible?

The End

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