The Perfect Criminal With A Twist

A short story about a silhouette breaking into a house but why?

The sun filtered prism light of the early morning begins to slowly seep through the slender opening of the heavy ancestral moth-eaten curtains inviting all to a silhouette dance of the tired and weathered pages of the historical antique books that lay awkwardly beside each other along the length of their present day owner’s beautifully restored bookcase. The insignificant occasional heavy sighing of wind causes the curtains to sway to and fro creating a rhythmic rocking sensation as the willingly waiting sun begins its daily ritual of raising its almighty head unhurriedly and calmly to the cheerfully awaiting sky, the rush of light in the room follows suit, shadows from only moments ago that were dancing happily around the room from ceiling to walls to floors and back again are now disappearing as if they never existed.

A threatening figure appears on the highest branch of the weeping willow that leans lost and lonely like a ghost against the exterior of the aforementioned weather-beaten window, the flaking paint from this Tudor residence clinging desperately to the sinister murky clothing of this mysterious spirit. This silent soul stretches their body across from the tree and manages without any fuss to kneel down onto the decaying window ledge of this once graceful dwelling. From the right front upper pocket of their clothing they produce four thin plastic strips and successfully use these to secure the tattered moldy curtains away from each other thus stopping any disturbance that they may cause by either acting as a faithful guarded curtain barrier hindering a forceful entry through their window or any freak gusts of wind that will make the curtains protectively dance again making entry through these masterful but time weary curtains difficult. The plastic strips appear to be the type that you would see the police use when they are arresting someone that needs to have their hands and feet restrained.

The dreadful musty odour lingering from the centuries old curtains almost makes the figure sneeze violently, they instinctively raise their right hand to their nose and hold both it and their breath tightly and quietly, hardly being able to hear anything apart from the beat of their fast paced heart. They know that it is absolutely essential that they cannot be seen or heard by anyone, man or beast! Thankfully the urge to sneeze drifts away and the person relaxes for literally a split second as they are fully aware that any longer could create danger for them, a sigh of relieve is all that they can allow.

The light of the day and the darkness of the person actually complement each other.  The sun has won its battle today against all the other elements of the courageous weathers and is now making its way to its masterful crowning throne in the sky getting ready to take control of the hot summers day that lies ahead for all and sundry. It continues to force its strong clear rays spreading them across the ever-welcoming blue skies; the wind and rain have withdrawn from this battle and will lie low for another day. 

This dark, mysterious character is almost ready to try to attempt to enter unnoticed into the deadly silent and shadow free library room. This person has the body structure of a medium sized man; they are covered from head to toe in black leather clothing including the boots and gloves they are wearing. Black mirror painted glasses adorn their face along with a balaclava.  A rucksack is fastened to their back. The figure speaks quietly but precisely; he is using a two-way radio devise. An earpiece is attached to his left ear and is fastened securely to the balaclava. Details of the room layout are being discussed, both parties relaying classified information about the room that he is about to enter, for example the size of the room, what furniture is in the room, basically everything you would expect from a library, the traditional and very original, dated oak book cases, rows upon rows of them. Along with a few that had started at some stage to be renovated, a standard library wooden ladder whose colour is the same as the book cases. The ladder would have been originally used to reach the books on the higher shelves but by looking at the dust on the steps of the ladder that has not been the case for a very long while. A couple of high backed armchairs very dated in their appearance, the dark cows hide worn with many stretch lines that quietly spoke how old they were. They still sat proudly and I imagined the kind of people that had sat in these chairs over the hundreds of years that these chairs had been in their commanding position in this room only inches away from what would have been a log roaring fire. Probably a glass of port or whiskey and cigars as business was discussed between the men of the household, an emotional moment indeed but not one to linger on as the man in black had a job to do. Four gas lights hung from the four walls, one on each wall but again they were covered in dust and cob webs as time had stood still for everything in this room apart from one shelf. Various periods represented thi s room starting from its original Tudor built and following on to the Edwardians, the Victorians and indeed the present day. Two internal doors had been built in this room, one taking you along the upstairs corridors and into the various labyrinth of rooms on this landing and away to the main part of the house and the other door, where did this take you and why? The alarm sensors above each door appeared to not be working. As the two people speak it is more then apparent that this person in black is a man. His voice is very husky and deep and his body movements are the way in which a man would compose himself.  He pulls his ruck sack around to the front of his body and opens a side compartment. From this he takes out a small electronic gadget, which has a strong Velcro fastening to it, he places this over his balaclava just above his glasses, which have been confirmed as being night vision glasses, which will enable him to see clearer in the dark. Once he is satisfied it is secure and will not detach itself, he again delves into his bag, this time though a hand stun gun is brought out and strapped to his right leg. He again goes to his bag and pulls out yet another electronic gadget, which he begins to use. Firstly, he places it in his right hand and moves it along the worn and tired oak flooring, he continues to scan the dilapidated walls leaving twelve-inch gaps before re scanning. Finally he scans all around the ceilings. A call to his contact on his earpiece confirms that there are not any surprise body height sensors in the room or any alarm systems that are actually triggered off to the local police station. After placing the gadget back into the bag he switches on the gadget resting on his head, he does this by flicking a switch on from the left hand side of the gadget. This switch activates a type of knowledge sensor. It is used to detect if anyone is approaching within thirty feet of you. It appears to be looking for body heat and will be triggered if movement is detected within that radius, a warning sound is sent to his earpiece if the gadget is activated. The man in black laughs quietly and reports back to his control centre that he is finally ready to enter the room. They give the go ahead for him to enter the room with extreme caution. Again he laughs to himself and thinks as if he would enter any other way! The man in black slides over the windowsill and rolls as best he can onto the carpet directly below the window. The faintly patterned carpet had been bleached by the strong rays of the sun over I should imagine too many years to count, it was also threadbare. He lies deadly still and looks around the room to ensure that no alarms have been triggered. He also listens to hear if anyone is moving around. He recoils in frustration and anger at the footprints that have been made not by the years and years of dust but by the person/s who made them. He continues to slide commando style along the disgusting, decaying carpet, first to the door on the left, from here he pulls another electronic gadget from his bag, he splits this in two parts, one is a small gas explosion devise which has the power to make you unconscious for fifteen minutes if you come into contact with it, the other is a firework which gives the impression of rapid gunfire. He plants these devises onto the top right hand corner of the door; a double check is made again to ensure that the sensor on the door is definitely deactivated. Now crawling along to the right hand door the man in black firstly checks again that the sensor is deactivated and that all that he should be hearing is what is behind the door. He reaches again for his bag, this time he takes out a batch of the plastic tapes he had used earlier on to hold back the curtains.  His stun gun, laser head devise and tapes are checked for rapid usage. A tapping sound of two taps and then three fast tapes are made to the ear piece and with that he stands up and gingerly walks to the bookshelf that has been nearly renovated. He switches his head laser tool on and uses this to scan the books now lying quietly asleep with no gust of wind to annoy or waken them. Bingo, his laser scans all the sleeping books and quickly goes back to books one, three and five out of ten. With rock steady hands he begins by picking up the first book and finds very quickly what he is looking for. His tip off was spot on! The next two books provide him with the full code that is vital hat he has to proceed. Another quick tap to his earpiece lets his command post know he is ready for the next stage in this potentially deadly task.


Very carefully he slowly opens this ordinary looking door. To begin with It does not look any different to the other door, both are cigar and log fired stained, the brass door handles have been eaten away by dampness and neglect over such a long period. But on closer inspection you can see that parts of the handles on both doors have been used and they are quite shiny considering nothing else in the room is. Just as he had been informed another door lies behind this one. His eyes are alerted to an entry code system and his memory flashes back to the numbers in the books. Standing tall and upright with his heart beating fast he punches in the code and pulls open the door stepping inside quickly and shutting the door. His glasses re adjust his eyes to the new surroundings he finds himself in. he is no longer dressed for a night mission when it is a beautiful day outside, he is now perfectly dressed and equipped for what he sees before him. It is a completely blacked out room leading down a long straight flight of stairs where he can hear voices. Remember it is still early dawn outside so who ever are here are only just awaking. Why is it so dark, why is there a mass of rooms all dark with black out blinds on the windows. The man in black uses his head laser to scan the rooms for what he already knows and can equally smell. This is a drugs den for sure and those men downstairs will not be holding cups of tea if they find me here. He collate the evidence by using his special forces camera equipment, he then makes a hasty retreat leaving the sun devices on the door, he ensures his foot prints are not left on the carpet by brushing over them all the way back to the window. The plastic ties are cut from the curtains and he scales down the awaiting sun drenched tree as quickly as he can.


As you are probably aware by now this man in black is from the special forces of the U.K. government.  Some of his missions are to go in alone and gather as much evidence as possible others to assassinate notorious criminals. I am not dissimilar to you or anyone for that matter I share the same characteristics as you generally, for example we are both humans. But it is how I think that makes me entirely different to you and more or less every human except a chosen few. The time it has taken you to read this exposition I have read it four hundred and sixty three times and translated the text into thirty-two different languages. I wouldn’t say that makes me abnormal I would just say it makes me the perfect spy. My part of this job is done now; the Squad heavily protected and armed are getting ready to raid at 16.00 hours.









The End

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