part one

It is that time again whereby the royal family needs to choose a partner for the next in line. Price Leon has to find a girl who will rule by his side and also one that he will love, he invites people from all around the world and also the ladies who think they are fit to marry him. He starts to loose hope because all the ladies are not what he wants, until he bumps into Jordan,but danger always wants itself in.


"we need to find you the perfect girl, one who has wit and does not fear anyone...and who also has respect for the people around her." my mom said while moving  back and forth in my room, I stared at her wishing to just disappear. I hadn't even got out of bed but she just barged in and began to speak a hundred miles per hour.

"you're nearly 20 and you haven't even had a girl friend!" she shrieked and I rolled my eyes that's because every girl I date uses me for my money, it's funny how they are all sweet and nice when they see me but after I get to now can imagine what they do to my money and reputation. I wiped my palm over my tired face and continued to listen to my mom as she spoke about why I don't have a girlfriend and how important it is for me to marry soon.

I sometimes wished that I was a normal person, then I could get married at any age that I wanted to but then again I loved being the son of the royal family, it had its perks, like getting breakfast in bed and having a variety of clothing.

"We should throw a ball and invite every girl to come then you can choose who you like and she will be the princess" I stared at my mom with wide eyes "but then it will take forever for me to choose who I want to marry, every girl is going to show up even the mermaids too" I cry"don't be silly Leon Mermaids do not exist and besides what harm will it do if we invite all the girls then you might get to meet the one you like and then wed her." I groaned why did I have to grow older?now I had to choose one girl out of a million and a million is a lot, I might as well die during the process.

"so it's settled then, on the 5th of November we will be hosting the ball" she blurted out and I choked on my own saliva "a bit too soon don't you think mother?" I asked while clearing my throat, she turned to look at me the first time this morning. My mom looked young like she was in her late 20's, she had long locks of brown hair, which I took from her along with her grey eyes, she was beautiful and kind.

"Nonsense! you think it's too soon?" she asked her eyes wide open, I wanted to nod and say yes but knowing my mom she would label herself 'worse mom of the year' because she pushed me into finding the girl I was to call mine. "No, no,no I was uh just saying it's too soon because uh I uh don't think we will have enough time to finish everything, the castle is rather huge." I said and she nodded her head "you're right, we will move it to the 13nth of November, you are such a smart son." she said before enveloping me in a hug "I love you" she continued "Love you too"I replied "but I-I c-can't breathe" I manage to choke out.

"sorry" she says while getting up, she looks at me a smile forming on her lips "you have grown so much" I smile "thanks to the vegetables you made me eat" I joked and we both laughed. "well I should go see your father,he must be worried since I just got out of bed and came to you, knowing him he probably thinks I got eaten by Sam." I chuckle, she smiles before walking to the door. I watched until she left my room and that's when I threw my head back on my pillow.

I had two weeks before the ball...two weeks of freedom. I groaned before getting out of bed, I wasn't going to go back to sleep and let time fly away...I might as well enjoy my freedom while it lasted.    

The End

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