Chapter 1

A bounty hunter traps his suspects by studying their behavior.

        The Bright House employee stepped out of his off white work truck complete with a navy blue button down, silver-rimmed spectacles, and a photo I.D. This was a killer. Oh, yes, didn’t you notice? You mean that you didn’t see past his ironed dickies, and shined utility boots to his torn right cuff link, and liar’s smile? Such trivial details can be easily surpassed by the busy eye unless one takes a conscious note of them in the midst of his or her daily bustle.
        Has no one told you that killers do not reside in underground caverns, or secret fortified bases, nor do they wear a name tag that reads: “Hello, my name is ‘Killer’”? Though they may occasionally stare off with glazed eyes into intense recollection of their latest misadventures, there aren’t many factors that make them stand out like Florida in the hot summer gulf. In fact, a startling percentage of these individuals wake up in a room like yours, brush their teeth with Colgate just like you do, and even tie their tie in a double Winsler knot. After tying up their victims, they tie up their day, and return home to tie up their thoughts with their normal life, a  wife, children, and perhaps a dog, or a pet iguana.
        Though these paper-bag murderers are trained to blend into your local super market picking fruits from the perfectly aligned shelves, testing their ripeness, and making cheesy jokes to the cashier, they seldom cover every detail from sight that links them to the permenantly limp teenage body under the bleachers in the local high school gym.
     Seldom, of course, though the people that make up the population of the Dentcross Country Police Department do not trouble themselves with minute details such as a nervous glance, or an out of place smidgen of dirt. No, they’d much rather bother with overwhelming factors such as bills, taxes, and the occasional cold cup of coffee. Since no one knows how to do their job properly, and would rather talk sports, and politics, they hire me; a bounty hunter. I take to the streets, blend in with the crowd, and follow these murderers. By studying their behavior over the course of weeks, and sometimes months I do what it takes to collect evidence against them, and bring them to justice.
     Oh, I forgot to mention. How do I know so much about murderers, you ask? Well, I am on. Anyways, who am I to stop people from exposing their own ignorance, and throwing their money away in the process? 


The End

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